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Explorer Express for 4/13/20

New Remote Learning Schedule Begins Today


Today marks a new day in our remote learning world.  Over the past several weeks students and teachers focused on reviewing material already taught this school year through optional learning activities.  Starting today, all students will be provided new learning opportunities each day.  Please take a moment to review the WES Remote Learning Schedule on our website. 


This document is meant as a tool for families to plan their days and weeks ahead.  Please note the following:

  • A typical day for a student may look like:
    • Prior to 8:30am: Students should be eating breakfast, getting dressed, and gathering materials for their learning time
    • 8:30am: Physical Activities and Positivity Project Lessons
    • 8:45am: WES Morning News Live on Facebook
    • 9:00-10:30am: Classroom Instruction
    • 10:30-11:00am: Specials
    • 11:00am-1:00pm: Lunch (This is aligned with WCPSS Food Distribution times.)
    • After 1pm students can finish any incomplete work, check in with staff as needed, work on activities on the WES Optional Activities Page, Log onto Dreambox and IXL, Free Play, Read

Here you will find links to the new schedule for students that begins after Spring Break. WES Remote Learning Schedule (Click the link and scroll down for the Spanish Version)


The schedule includes 2 hours of instructional activities for students each day.  That will include Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, and Specials.  Furthermore, WES will have 30 minutes of before school activities for your family as well.  That time will include time for Physical Activity, the Positivity Project and the Morning News (new start time of 8:45am).  Your homeroom teachers will continue to reach out with information about how to access their specific Google Classroom or Seesaw activities.


In this document is where you will also find links for the specialists lessons daily.


Each WES classroom and support teacher will be hosting a daily Office Hour for parents and students to reach out to them with questions.  While teachers will continue to monitor emails, this dedicated time will provide a specific time to email, send messages, or virtually meet with staff.


I want to also draw your attention to the sample family schedule in the document.  We recognize that every family will have different access to technology, number of children needing technology support and even family work schedules.  Teachers will mostly be recording videos and and posting assignments online, however we are also utilizing Google Meet for class meetings and reviewing directions. 


The sample schedule suggests working with students in the morning from 8:30-11:00am each day and then stopping for lunch time aligned with the food distribution sites within Wake County.  During that time we are providing family time for lunch and down time for students to take a break. We recommend for students and families needing "extra work time" that students read for enjoyment, write letters/emails to friends and family members, play board games, create arts and crafts, play with toys, participate in additional physical activity and/or use digital resources such as Dreambox and IXL, during the rest of the school day. 


Reminder WES Morning Announcements on Facebook


We will be hosting WES Morning Announcements Live at 8:45am TODAY.


Virtual Spirit Weeks Continue April 13 - 17 

While these Spirit Weeks are optional, it is a great way for students to feel connected to their friends.

Share your WES Spirit on our Twitter feed, HERE

  • 4/13 Mismatched Monday

Wear your favorite mismatched outfit! Maybe some crazy socks matched with a blazer and tutu? What will you wear?

  • 4/14 Terrific Tuesday

Wear or do something that makes you or the people around you feel terrific! Maybe wear your favorite dance costume, or favorite pjs… anything that makes you feel GREAT!

  • 4/15 Wiggly Wednesday

Sometimes we just get the wiggles! Wear something comfy so you can take some brain breaks today… dance, run, or wiggle if you get the chance!

  • 4/16 Thumbprint Thursday

Where could you see your thumbprint, other than looking at your own hand? Make a thumbprint, take a picture, and share!  

  • 4/17 Fiction Friday 

Share with us what you are reading, fiction OR non-fiction. 


WCPSS Online Resources


WCPSS has released a remote learning website at:


WCPSS also continues to support families with food distribution (even next week).  More information on food distribution sites can be found at