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Explorer Express for 2/9/20

Internet Safety Night Monday 2/20 at 6:30PM


Join us on 2/10/20 at 6:30 pm in the Media Center for an Internet Safety Night with Susan Wind.


Do you know what your children are doing online today? How well do you understand the ever-changing social media platforms that our children are using today – Snapchat, Instagram, Vine, Twitter, YouTube, Tumblr? Do you really know what your kids are viewing on these apps/sites? What steps can you take to ensure your child is safe, personal material/content is kept private and protective measures are established?


Free childcare will be provided by WES Staff and the Apex Leadership Fun Run Staff.


This Week's Positivity Project Character Strength: Love


The character strength of love represents the way we think, feel, and behave towards the people with whom we have close relationships. When one person loves another person, that person: comforts and makes the other feel safe; sacrifices on the other’s behalf; supports the other during struggles; and places the other’s needs ahead of his/her own.


Positive psychology looks at love as reciprocal, not one-sided. What is contained in this strength is the emotional bonds between family members, friends, mentors, teammates, or coworkers. Love is imperative to an individual’s happiness and fulfillment in life; its openness gives us the ability to learn and grow. On a group level, love is vital for the well being of society. The world is endlessly interconnected. We are all dependent upon each other for survival and happiness.


WES Shows LOVE & KINDNESS! Spirit Week


To show we are united in showing love and kindness to others, these are our theme days for next week! 

Monday 2/10 -  WE RESPECT OUR DIFFERENCES! Wear mismatched clothing! 

Tuesday 2/12- WE WORKOUT OUR PROBLEMS! Wear athletic or workout clothing.

Wednesday 2/11- WE SHOW THAT KINDNESS COUNTS (even when you are 100)! Wear numbers or come dressed as a 100 year old! 

Thursday 2/13-WE ARE CRAZY FOR KINDNESS! Wear crazy clothes & accessories 

Friday 2/14-WE SHOW LOVE TO EACH OTHER! Wear red, pink, or white. 


WES Student Transfer Window Information


Final transfer dates are February 21-March 6. If you are in our base please register before April St to hold your spot.. If you are not in our base , but we are the traditional calendar OPTION you must enroll at Base School and request a transfer during Transfer Period.



Upcoming Dates


February Appreciation Week

  • 10th- Second Quarter Report Cards
  • 10th- Internet Safety Night for Parents 6:30PM
  • 17th- Presidents' Day NO SCHOOL
  • 18th- Teacher Workday NO SCHOOL
  • 21st- Final Transfer repoting committe.
  • 24th-28th WES Staff Appreciation Week Sponsored by the WES PTA
  • 28th- WES PTA Spirit Night at Triangle Rock Club 6-8PM