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Fall Testing for AIG

Hello 4th and 5th Grade Families!  

We are currently accepting nominations from parents and teachers through September 29, 2023 for those students who demonstrate gifted learning behaviors in the classroom and are at least 1-2 years beyond their peers.  When a student is nominated, a team of teachers will analyze his/her current data.  If the data supports further evaluation, the student will take 2 standardized tests and/or develop a portfolio in the area of potential giftedness. 


If your child has been nominated and referred for AIG evaluation in the past, they can be nominated for consideration again; however, they cannot be referred until one full year has passed (ex. Tested second semester of 4th grade; therefore, may not be referred for evaluation any sooner than second semester of 5th grade).   


If you are considering nominating your child for AIG, please think about your child’s reasoning and logical thinking, problem solving abilities, intellectual inquiry and curiosity, insight, communication skills, creativity, memory, academic performance in reading, writing, and math, motivation and interest.  


Please email Leah McClellan at if you have any further questions. If you would like to nominate your child for consideration please include his/her name, grade level and homeroom teacher.    

If your child is already identified AIG in reading and/or math, no further action is required.