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It's time to enroll at Wake Tech Community College (WTCC) and become dually enrolled students! Without completing a WTCC Application, you will not be registered for the FREE WTCC Courses that will start in the Fall of 2024. There are some very important tasks to complete that will assist us with "Getting Started with WTCC!" Most importantly, is the completion of the Wake Tech Application. This needs to be completed as soon as your time permits! Attached is a PDF with the instructions for completing the tasks needed to get started. 

Students and parents, please schedule about 30-45 minutes to work with each other to complete the tasks below, using the instructions from the attached PDF.


 Tasks to complete:

  1. Complete the WTCC online application. (Step-by-Step instructions are here.)
  2. Sign up for a Getting Started with WTCC Meeting (links in Step-by-Step instructions above, students and parents should both attend, registration is required)

March 26th, 2024 @ 6 pm or March 27th, 2024 @ 10:20 am (during Griffin's Den) 

(registration is required for either meeting)

  1. Review and Submit Technical Standards and WTCC Publicity Release form (links in PDF above)
  2. Review 13th year Planner for your Program of Study (links in Step-by-Step instructions above)
  3. Send FERPA email to Mr. Sanders(email in links in Step-by-Step instructions above)
  4. Take the Getting Started Verification Quiz (links in links in Step-by-Step instructions above)

James Sanders, M.Ed, CDF.

Director, CTE Partnerships @ North Wake College and Career Academy

Wake Technical Community College


919.694.8650 ext.2913

You can schedule a time to meet with me virtually through Bookings - Book an Appointment