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Middle School Registration

Dear Parent/Guardian:


As we near the end of the school year, it is time for you and your 5th grader to begin planning for middle school.  Your child’s counselor, teachers, other staff members and I want to ensure that you are prepared for this experience.


Your child will be recommended for core courses (Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies) and any support services that are received (IEP, 504, ESL).  This information will be provided to you on a course verification sheet, and you will have the opportunity to review and approve the information on the sheet.


Your child will also be able to select elective courses.  These courses are not required subject areas like reading and math, but instead are optional courses that may be of interest to your child.  Each middle school offers unique elective courses that your child can choose to take.   


Your child will choose his/her elective courses online using PowerSchool.  School staff will guide each student in this process, as the courses will be selected during the school day.  Our Morrisville Elementary school counselors, Ms. Van Keuren and Ms. Martin will lead this process at school during the weeks between March 19th and April 12th. 


To assist families Morrisville will host a Virtual Middle School Transition Meeting for parents on February, 27th at 4:30 PM. Here is the Google Meet Link. If you are unable to attend, please visit our Student Support website and click on Middle School Information. A copy of the presentation will be posted after the meeting takes place. We encourage all parents to attend. 


Once students have selected their elective courses, you will receive a course verification sheet to review and approve along with the core courses previously referenced.


We encourage you to review the elective course options available to your child prior to the course selection period.  You can view the electives offered at your child’s assigned middle school by visiting


We look forward to supporting your child during this exciting transition to middle school.



Burt Batten, Principal

Morrisville Elementary