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Kids Heart Challenge

Hi MES Families
It's Coach A here and I would like to tell you about our MODIFIED kids heart challenge service project this year. We have a few changes this year such as we will not be donating money this year unlike years prior this year, we are switching gears to accomplish a really big goal! This year's challenge is to complete Finn's Challenge (Finn is a 2nd grade student who is one of the spokespersons for the American Heart Association. Finns Challenge this year is for as many families as possible to learn hands only CPR which only takes 2 minutes to learn!!! Once families go online and register, they can click on Finns Challenge and as a family take the 2-minute course on how to do hands only CPR. Once you complete the mission, I will receive an email that you're a heart hero and I will come find your child at school to award them a heart hero keychain to show our school that they have completed our school's mission and have learned hands only CPR. I can't wait to see all the keychains around school and most of all how many families have learned the lifesaving skill of hands only CPR. Thank you in advance for your support and helping us with our challenge.