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Read Across America 2020 - Tournament of Books

Read Across America day is observed every year on March 2nd.  The National Education Association has moved away from only celebrating books and literature to a "year-round program that helps motivate kids to read, bring the joys of reading to students of all ages, and make all children feel valued and welcome."  This year our school will host a "Tournament of Books".  Every few days classes will read picture books from each bracket.  The class must discuss and decide which title deserves their vote and a chance to move on to the next round.  Our students love sports and this is a great tie in with the upcoming NCAA event.  For those students on Track 1, your teachers will send home a few activities so you can continue to particpate and Track 2, you will start when you return.  Below is a great resource for teachers and parent.  We hope everyone discovers some new books and authors this month!


MES Bracket