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October 1st Update

Good afternoon Middle Creek Plan B Families,

On Tuesday night, the Wake County Public School System School Board adopted a plan to transition our students back to school.  My goal for this letter is to review the plan and provide you with the information available at this time. 


Review Plan B  

First, please take a moment to review the adopted plan.   

PreK – 3rd Grade & K-12

Special Education Regional programs

4th and 5th Grade

October 26 – Cohort rotations of students will begin.  A cohort will come for one week during the three-week cycle. 


November 16 – All Plan B students will begin daily in-person instruction. 


*October 19 - all students will “track-in” and continue remote learning this week. 

November 16 – Cohort rotations of students will begin and continue through the end of the semester.  

*October 19 - all students will “track-in” and continue remote learning


What are cohorts?

Students have been divided into three groups.  These groups were assigned with consideration of several factors and siblings have been assigned the same cohorts.  We have also worked to align siblings in other WCPSS schools to the same cohort.   In determining teacher assignments, we assigned students from two cohorts to one teacher.  This was to provide as much consistency as possible during the three-week rotation.  During the three week cycle, instruction will look like this: 


Cohort A

Cohort B

Cohort C

Week 1




Week 2




Week 3





There will be one week during the remote instruction in which your student will receive live instruction from a different teacher on the same grade level.   For the other week of remote instruction, your student will receive live instruction from their assigned classroom teacher.  During in-person instruction,

 your student will receive instruction from their assigned classroom teacher.   The exception to this is our 4th-grade classes (As of the writing of this letter.  Please know it could change.).  Our 4th-grade students will receive instruction from their assigned classroom teacher during each week of the three-week cycle.   Our school-based leadership team has worked diligently to provide the most consistency for our students under the approved plan.  


When will I find out my child’s cohort?

It is my goal to send out messages to families as soon as possible to confirm your child’s cohort.  Communication will be sent via email through the School Messenger system.  


School-Based Transportation 

The WCPSS Transportation department has been working on assigning routes and bus stops.  At this time, we are waiting for information and will be certain to provide you an update as soon as possible.  


Carpool Tags

It will be important that every family using carpool has a 20-21 carpool tag.  If you have not completed the carpool registration form for the 20-21 school year,  please take a moment to do so.  The form works best when using a device other than a phone.   Carpool tags will be available for pick-up on October 15th and 16th during student material pick-up.  Carpool tags not collected during this time will be available for pick-up during school visits (see below). 


Student Material Pick-Up 

Please plan to pick up 2nd quarter materials on October 15th between 11:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m./4:00-6:00 p.m. or October 16th between 11:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m.  It is important that Plan B students pick up their materials so you have the required materials at home for the weeks of remote instruction.  Please return any texts used during the 1st quarter. 


Parent Information Sessions 

Please stay tuned for upcoming parent information sessions for our Plan B families.  I am sure you have any questions.  I want to make myself available to share safety protocols, logistics, and answer any questions you may have.  


School Visits

Please stay tuned for upcoming opportunities to come to school with your child, visit the classroom, and meet the teacher.  It is important to me that we provide time for you and your child(children) to visit the school prior to their first day.   We will schedule these based on cohort assignments and will limit the number of visitors to each classroom during the scheduled times.  To maintain social distancing and limit the number of visitors in the school,  visitors can only be current MCES students and one adult.  All visitors (adults and MCES children) must wear a mask and will be required to complete the health screening prior to entering the school.   


Again, I would like to thank you for your support. 


There are many pieces to continue to plan and prepare for as we welcome your children back to MCES.  I look forward to continuing to partner with you as we travel this journey together. 



Mrs. Miller