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Hello August!

Important Dates to Remember:

· 8/6 – Track 4 Open House – 1st session at 6:00 p.m. and 2nd session at 6:45 p.m.

· 8/6 – Interims go home for Tracks 1 and 2

· 8/7 – Fall Pictures for Tracks 1 and 2

· 8/13 – NC Beginning of Grade (BOG) test for Track 4 3rd Graders starting at 8:30 a.m.

· 8/27 – Interims go home for Tracks 3 and 4

· 8/28 – Fall Pictures for Tracks 3 and 4

· 8/30 – Spirit Day – Career Day – Dress for your future career


Dear Families,

The start to the 2019-2020 school year has been one of the best yet! Thank you all for your continued support of Middle Creek Elementary. Below is important information for the month of August.

Starting this month, we would like to ask for your help in recognizing our hard-working staff. This year our theme is One Team, One Direction, One Purpose. Have you noticed a staff member "Being the ONE" for our school community or demonstrating this principle? Please, let us know about it about this MVP. Fill out this form to nominate them for monthly recognition.

Open House: On Tuesday evening our 1st-5th grade Track 4 teachers will be hosting Open House. During this time, you will learn about the specifics of your child’s classroom. We will offer two sessions. The first session will begin at 6:00 p.m. and the 2nd session will begin at 6:45 p.m. This event is intended to be an information session for adults.

Cost of Lunch: The cost of lunch for the 2019-2020 school for elementary students is $2.75. The cost for breakfast remains the same at $1.25. Free and Reduced Lunch applications are available in our main office. Please consider establishing a MySchoolBucks account to make paying for school meals easier. Go to or call (855) 832-5226 to enroll. You'll need your child's NCWISE ID number, available in your registration materials or from our data manager, Mrs. Carter. Once your account is established you may securely deposit funds to your child's account, check balances, and set spending limits. Also, once your account is established you may pay through our PTA app.

Morning Carpool Riders: Student safety is always our top priority! Adult staff will be on duty to support students with exiting cars and entering the school. Please remember at no time are drivers to park their car and exit the vehicle in the carpool lane. Student should always exit on the passenger side of the car. Adults and safety patrol students can assist your student in exiting the car. These safety measures are to ensure student safety.

Afternoon Carpool Riders: All students riding in carpool will need a new carpool tag for the 2019-2020 school year. After, August 30, 2019 any car coming through carpool without a carpool number will be asked to park and sign out students from the main office. Carpool tags can be obtained from completing this form. We have implemented a new dismissal system which has reduced our carpool dismissal time by close to 15 minutes! Please know that on a typical day, our carpool line is now finishing around 3:15 p.m. We ask that you plan accordingly for the faster carpool dismissal process. Please remember at no time are drivers to park their car and exit the vehicle in the carpool lane.

Students are to enter the vehicle on the passenger side. For students needing to be buckled in a safety seat, please pull forward in the carpool lane up to the bicycle rack to do so.

Dreambox: All Kindergarten through 5th grade will have access to DreamBox Math. DreamBox math is being implemented in all but nine WCPSS elementary schools this year for 3rd through 5th graders. As a school, we understand the importance of ensuring all our students have access to materials to support their learning. With this in mind, we purchased DreamBox for our Kindergarten through 2nd grade students. DreamBox Math is a supplemental online learning tool to support your child’s math knowledge. The program adapts to the skill/standard your child is learning and creates a personalized learning plan targeted to support deepening the conceptual understanding of mathematics. Students will complete lessons while at school during morning arrival and the math block. DreamBox learning will not take the place of teacher led mathematics instruction, but serve as an instructional support to provide intervention, enrichment, and practice. For more information, please go to

Church/Civic Group Partnerships: We are looking to connect with a local church or civic group for some beautification projects on campus. If you know of someone interested in partnering with our school, please contact Mrs. Miller at

If you have any questions, concerns or kudos, please feel free to contact me (919-773-9555 or Thank you for your support of Middle Creek Elementary.

Thank you,

Mrs. Miller