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February 12, 2021

February 12, 2021 Friday Message

Dear families,

As we prepare for students’ return next Wednesday, it’s important for them to know that things will not be like they were before school closed in December, especially for the students we were face to face during that time. Please take time to read the guidelines below. At this time, we are unable to move students from VA to in person classes, but we are creating waitlists for each grade level. If space becomes available, I will notify families who informed me of extenuating circumstances that require a switch from VA to face to face instruction. The only expectation is new students that move to our district/school. Thank you for your understanding and support during this time.

Return to School Guidance 

  • Please see the most recent guidance regarding health screening, when to stay home, and quarantining  here.

Eating and Drinking Guidance

  • Please review the new eating and drinking guidance here

  • Students in Kindergarten through third grade will now be eating lunch in the cafeteria in a very structured manner. They will be required to socially distance and  wait until all students on their row have been served/unpacked their lunch before they will be allowed to unmask and eat silently. As each student finishes eating, they must put their masks back on.  

  • Pre-K, ECS classes, and 4th and 5th will eat in their classrooms and the same guidelines apply to them, and as much as possible for the PreK and ECS classrooms.

Family Engagement Survey: 

  • This year we are planning to have a VIRTUAL parent curriculum night during the week of March 15th!  Before we finish our planning, we are hoping to get some feedback from our families to help us make this night successful and cater toward what YOU are interested in receiving!  Please fill out this quick survey to help us with our planning. Thank you!


  • Yearbooks are now available for purchase! The cost is $12.00 for preorder. (The cost will go up to $15.00 after the books are delivered) Please use this link to place your order directly on the Jostens Yearbook page!  If you would like to have your yearbook shipped directly to your home please choose the “exclusive offer” tab on the Jostens webpage. The image below shows what the tab looks like, you may have to scroll down on the page to find it. 

(This offer includes the cost of the yearbook as well shipping costs)

Families who did NOT have their child’s portrait taken by Lifetouch at the school this fall, can submit a JPG image to the attached yearbook image folder. Candid photos can also be submitted. Please make sure any submitted image includes your child’s name. The last day to submit any photographs is 3/5, so this is the LAST CALL for portraits and candid images.  Are you curious what the yearbook looks like so far? Click on this link to take a virtual tour of our yearbook. 

  • Questions? Email: Mrs. Clark at OR send a message on Class Dojo!

Links Needed:

  • Purchase Yearbooks: Click Here

  • Submit Photos to be featured in the yearbook: Click Here (Please make sure to include your child’s name)

  • Virtual Yearbook Tour: Click Here  

PTA News

Please visit our new PTA website to become a member, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, or to connect with our board members. While you are looking around go to PTA News Blog where we will share school updates, announcements, National PTA information and more.  

  • Want to purchase a DDMES car magnet? Go to  and let us know by voting in our poll.

  • Board Nominations will be coming soon. For more information or if you want to be a part of the PTA board please contact Joe Willingham at

  • Have you ever wondered what the PTA can do for you and your family? Here are some reasons to volunteer or become a member today.

  • Support Our Students: Research shows that children perform better when parents are engaged in education both at home and at school. Parental involvement boosts student achievement.

  • Teacher Appreciation Activities: PTA provides support for administrators and teachers. PTA strives to create a positive and caring atmosphere in the school, addresses issues that are important to parents and public-school administrators, and partners with a variety of programs that enhance schools. PTA advocates for funding and issues that affect the various aspects of education and student wellbeing.  

  • Networking & Family Engagement: PTA involvement helps you stay connected with the school and allows you to gain a broader perspective of how you can play a supportive role. You also make connections with other parents, business partners, and agencies that share a common goal of student achievement. Working together helps build a stronger foundation for students to grow and thrive. PTA can be a way for you to suggest more effectively change at your child’s school.

  • Community Engagement: Volunteering with your PTA allows you to contribute your skills and knowledge for the benefit of not only your child but for your school community. PTA can help you gain expertise as a leadership volunteer, build your resume, and make friends.



4th and 5th Grade Cohort Schedule

  • Cohort C comes to school Feb. 17th, 18th, and 19th
  • Cohort A comes to school Feb. 22nd, 23rd, 25th, and 26th
  • Cohort B comes to school Feb. March 1st-5th

PreK, ECS, and K-3rd-attend school daily beginning on Feb. 17th