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Spotlight on WCPSS Future Teachers program participant Andreas 'Dre' Jordan

Photo of Dre Jordan


February 26, 2024


Andreas 'Dre' Jordan is a graduate of Fuquay-Varina High, an education major at North Carolina State University, and a member of our Future Teachers Cohort 7.


What made you want to pursue a career as an educator?
I wanted to pursue a career as an educator because I want to make a positive impact on students and create a learning environment that can prepare them for their life journeys. I also wanted to serve as a mentor and advocate for students who look like me.


Which WCPSS schools did you attend? 
For elementary school, I attended Willow Springs Elementary School. I attended 6th & 7th grade at West Lake Middle School and 8th grade at Fuquay-Varina Middle School. I graduated from Fuquay-Varina High School - Roll Bengals!


How did you hear about the Future Teachers program?
I heard about the Future Teachers program when they came and visited my Teaching As a Profession class in 11th grade. In that presentation, they introduced what the Future Teachers program is about and the many benefits of being a part of it.


How has the Future Teachers program helped you?
The Future Teachers program has helped in many ways. For one, I have the privilege of interacting with so many other students in education from multiple institutions and majors. With this, I also have had a chance to build closer relationships with the people in my specific cohort group and collaborate with them in various aspects. The Future Teachers program has also allowed me to interact in professional development seminars and learning sessions to expand my knowledge of who I am, my role as the teacher, and applications I can implement in my classroom to foster an inclusive, learning environment. The Future Teacher program has also allowed me to meet various WCPSS staff and professionals who are passionate about education and teaching.


What advice would you have for a high school senior who is thinking about becoming a teacher? 
I say that if you have passion for it, GO for it! It can seem overwhelming as you consider the various stigmas around the teaching field, but I think one of the best decisions I’ve made in life is becoming a teacher. A driving force for me is seeing the impact I’ve made on various students and for them to come back and say, Mr. Jordan, you taught me so well.


When you think about having your own classroom, what excites you most?  
I’m excited about the relationships I get to build with my students and being able to empower them to chase their aspirations through collaborative learning in my classroom.


Would you encourage students to apply to the Future Teachers program? Why? 
I highly encourage students to apply to the Future Teachers program because this program is one of a kind! It’s amazing to be a part of a program where you are guaranteed a job upon graduation. Along your collegiate path, you receive professional development with a passionate group of education students and the support of wonderful WCPSS staff. You will enter the classroom even more confident and prepared through participation in the Future Teachers program.


The Future Teachers program is a recruitment initiative to develop the district’s internal student talent. Future Teachers participants are WCPSS high school graduates who intend to pursue careers in education and commit to teaching with us upon completing their teacher preparation programs.