• Last Week of Phys.Ed. (Jan.21st-24th)

    Posted by Joseph Pettiford on 1/20/2020

    Last week of Phys. Ed this week.  Be sure to come ready.  This week we will....BASKETBALL!!!!!!

    Tuesday- Basketball Skills (dribbling, passing, lay-up skill games)

    Wednesday- Make-up PACER (missed due to HS-Assembly last week)/Basketball Skills

    Thursday/Friday- Basketball Skills (Skills Camp Competitions)

    • Hot Shot: 2 members of your team make as many shots as possible from marked spots worth different points in 60-seconds
    • Dribbling Course:  Do you have handles? This is your competition. Dribbling, passing and ending with a layup. 2 members from your team.
    • Knockout King: 2 members from your team, compete to be the last standing in knockout. 2-outs per person.
    • Clutch throws: 2 members from your team will compete to make all free-throw shots in six rounds. Most makes win.
    • Dribble Knockout: 2 members from your team compete to be the last standing in the box.  

    Team with most team points wins the competition!!!!!

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  • Phys.Ed. This Week (Jan.13-17)

    Posted by Joseph Pettiford on 1/12/2020

    What a great week last week with rhthymic movement. Looking forward to finishing up this week with performance. 6th and 7th grade will choose two of the listed activities to be tested on.  8th grade will present their sequences during Tuesday's class. Be sure to practice up! Wednesday will be the last dance of rhthymic movement. 

    Be sure to win the dressout challenge to enjoy Terrific Thursday or Fun Friday. Thursday and Friday we will complete the practice Pacer test.

    Rhthymic choices:

    • 6th Grade: Sevens, Cupid Shuffle, Electric Slide, Tinikling
    • 7th Grade: Sevens, Electric Slide, Wobble, 5-6-7-8 dance, Cotton-eyed Joe
    • 8th Grade: Group Performance





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  • Happy New Year!!! (Phys.Ed. Jan 6-24)

    Posted by Joseph Pettiford on 1/1/2020

    We will kick-off the second half of the school year in PE.  Bring your workout clothes because we will be getting active.  During this session we will be covering Rythmic Movement (DANCE) and Basketball Skills.  Please take the survey on basketball skills as we will target the skills you would like to improve on.  During Rythmic Movement, we will be working on moving to a beat and creating our our group dance sequences. 


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