• Returning to In-Person Learning

    Last Updated: 11/15/2020

    On September 29, the WCPSS Board of Education approved a building re-opening plan. This page is intended to support students enrolled in Plan B and their families. This information does not apply to students registered for Virtual Academy for either the Fall or Full Year. If you need to request a change in the platform in which your child is enrolled, please complete this form. Please check back here for updates and information regarding in-person learning at Brier Creek Elementary. The WCPSS Return to School site also contains helpful information for parents. 


    Health & Safety

    Students and families are required to familiarize themselves and agree to follow our health guidelines, as described in the Return to Campus Family Guide and posted on wcpss.net/ReturnToCampus. These guidelines are mandatory and will be strictly enforced. All parents are required to sign and return this attestation form during your child's first week of school. To learn more about the Daily Health Screening, Face Coverings, and other Health & Safety guidelines, click here



    Rotation Calendar: When to come to school, when to stay home

    It is important that families keep track of when students are in school and when they are learning remotely. Please click on the link below to see the calendar for your grade and cohort:

    Cohort assignments were sent to parents on October 9, 2020. If you are unsure which cohort your child is in, please reach out to your child's teacher.

    We have frequent asynchronous and remote learning days this quarter. Please be sure you are familiar with which days your child will be learning from home.



    When students return, we will have very few devices for students to use during the day. Students will be expected to use devices from time to time and it is important they have time to use Istation and Dreambox seeveral times a week at minimum. If your child has a WCPSS device, we expect that the device will go to and from school with your child. If you have a personal device that your child can bring, that would be very much appreciated. Please complete and return a Bring Your Own Device form or send an email to your child's teacher letting him/her know you consent for your child to use their device at school. To learn more about Technology and our return to in-person learning, click here


    Visitors and Volunteers

    To protect the health of our students and staff, only essential visitors and volunteers will be permitted to enter the school building. As always, the front door will remain locked and all visitors will ring the doorbell for assistance. Now, however, visitors will be asked to remain outside unless staff deems it essential for them to come into the building. All visitors who enter the building must pass a Health Screening before entering. Parents will not be permitted to walk their children to class. Carpool and walker procedures should be followed.



    Lunch will be free for every student this school year! When possible, students will eat in the cafeteria seated six feet apart and facing the same direction. Some days, students will eat in their classrooms or outside. This video explains the new cafeteria procedures that in place for the safety of students and staff. 



    BUS - Bus routes have been posted on our website. Parents are REQUIRED to complete a health attestation form for each child before they can ride the bus. Students will receive a health screening when they arrive to school.

    CARPOOL - Students will remain in their cars until they pass both portions of the Health Screening. This video explains the process for parents and students. 

    WALKERS - Students will remain with their parents until they pass the Health Screening. This video explains the process for parents and students. 

    Arrival begins at 8:45 am. No students should be dropped-off prior to that time. The tardy bell rings at 9:15. We suggest that carpoolers and walkers arrive by 9:00 am to ensure they are able to complete their health screening, get breakfast if they want it, get to their classrooms, wash their hands, put their things away and be ready for Morning Meeting to begin at 9:15. 

    Please be mindful of our carpool arrival procedures, which allow for a safe, orderly, and efficient carpool drop-off:

    • If your child is not ready to get out of the car upon reaching the sidewalk drop-off area, please pull to the right in the parking lot to do what you need so that the process of your child getting out of the car is only a few seconds. Finish breakfast, put on mask, gather belongings, and help your child unbuckle before getting to the sidewalk. 
    • Stop first at the end of the sidewalk to answer the health screening questions. We must ask these daily.
    • When you reach the temperature screening at the front of the sidewalk, have your child’s window down so we can take their temperature. 
    • Children should exit the car on the passenger side, onto the sidewalk. 
    • Parents should stay in the car.
    • We will have them take a few steps onto the sidewalk to get their belongings together so we can close the door and you can go ahead and pull away. 
    • Do not let your child out of the vehicle until they have passed the temperature screening.
    • Morning carpool ends PROMPTLY at 9:10. Any families arriving after 9:10 will be required to park and walk their child to the front door and sign them in there.
    • DO NOT use your phone or other electronic devices while in our carpool line.

    Also, please be mindful of our carpool dismissal procedures:

    • Display your carpool number hanging from your rearview mirror. 
    • We will begin loading students at 4:00. Parents MUST arrive on campus prior to 4:15 for a timely carpool dismissal. Parents arriving after 4:15 will be required to park and come to the front door to sign your child out. 
    • Pull all the way forward, do not stop if you see your child somewhere else on the sidewalk. We will bring them to you.
    • If your child has not yet arrived when you get to the loading area, we will ask you to pull forward into an open parking space. When your child arrives, we will bring them to you.
    • Parents should stay in the car. Your child will load the car from passenger side.
    • If you need to help your child buckle or get settled, please pull forward to take care of this so that other families can continue loading.
    • DO NOT use your phone or other electronic device while in our carpool line.