• Student Policies and Procedures

    • Language Arts classes come to the media center for whole-class circulation every three weeks, so books have a 3-week checkout period. Students are to bring ALL library materials they have checked out to the media center during these class visits to return or renew their materials.  It is the student’s responsibility to keep track of the materials they have checked out.  Students ARE NOT to check out books for other students.
    • Encyclopedias do not circulate.
    • Magazines have a 1-day checkout.
    • Students may renew books for one 3-week renewal per book.
    • Over track-out, a student may visit the library to check out a book, but he or she is considered a visitor and must have a pass from the front office before coming to the media center.

    Overdue and Lost Books:
    If DRMS library materials are overdue by at least one month, then student library check-out privileges are suspended until the book is returned or paid for.  Students are encouraged to borrow a book from a DEAR Library until the item has been returned or paid for.

    If a student has an item out from another school, he/she may check out one item at a time at DRMS until the item from the other school has been returned or paid for.

    Students receive overdue notices several times throughout the school year and are expected to return their library materials on time.  Once an item is over a month overdue, it is the student’s responsibility to thoroughly look for the overdue item at home and at school.  When a book is lost, students are to pay the library purchase price of the book so it can be replaced.  Cash ONLY payments, please.  Students who pay for a lost book will be refunded if that book is found and returned within the CURRENT school year.

    Students may also pay for their lost book from another Wake County Public School at DRMS. The library media staff and bookkeeper will ensure payment gets sent to the appropriate school.

    You Destiny library record will follow you from one school year to the next. It shows responsibility to have a library record that's in good standing. Keeping books long after their due date or not paying for items you have lost is unacceptable. The library is a collection of materials shared by ALL Durant students, so not returning materials means that your classmates aren't able to enjoy them. Please talk to the media staff if you have any questions or concerns about your library record. 

    Internet and Email Acceptable Use Policy:
    Students may use computers in the media center ONLY for school-related work.

    All students registered in the Wake County Public School System will automatically be given access to the Internet. Parents have the option of denying a child’s access to the Internet.  To exercise this option, a parent should complete and return the Parental Request to Deny Access form (this can be picked up in the media center).  Unless otherwise stated, the parent acknowledges that parent and child have read, understand and agree to the acceptable use of these services as stated in the Wake County Public School System’s Student Internet Access and Electronic Mail Policy (6446).  The policy can be found in the Parents & Students Handbook. Any violation of the Wake County Public School System/Durant Road Middle School Acceptable Use Policy will result in disciplinary action.

    Check-out Process in the DRMS Media Center:

    • Students may use the self-checkout station to check out their library books. Students enter their student ID number and scan their own books.
    • For renewing books, checking out magazines, checking out Playaways, or paying for lost library materials, the student brings the item to the circulation desk and gives his/her name to a media staff member, who will then pull up the student’s library record.
    • Students stamp the due date in the back of their book so they know when their books are due.
    • Students are not issued picture I.D. cards at DRMS. Because we foster an environment of trustworthiness at our school, the checkout procedures are reliable and efficient.
    • The staff takes great pride in our media center, and we are dedicated to providing impeccable and accurate service to our patrons.

    Passes to the Media Center:
    Students are encouraged and welcome to visit the media center before school from 7:45am until 8:10am. They are to check in at their homeroom class first and get a green laminated pass to come to the media center. The media center promotes an environment conducive for studying and reading during this time before school officially starts.

    During the rest of the school day, students may come to the media center on a pass from their teacher. The student agenda serves as a pass during the regular school day (8:10 - 3:00). No pass = no admittance to the media center. Students should always enter and exit the media center in a quiet, respectful manner so as not to disturb classes or individuals using the shared space.