• 9/05-08 Unit 2: Colonial Research Project

    Posted by Lewis Nelson at 9/5/2017

    We are continuing to work on creating an infomercial for one of the 13 British Colonies in North America.  Students should have completed their research in the Learning Commons (Media Center) and at home.  They began making a GoogleSlide presentation on the 5 key areas of their research with a map on the 1st slide and illustrations on the remaining 2nd-5th slides.  Scripts for the video will be completed by Thursday when they come to class.

     Unit 2: Colonial Research Project 

    Learning Commons Research Webpage 


    Any make work or retesting listed on the Progress Report needs to be complted by Friday.


    9/05 Tuesday: Students examined religious groups, reasons for coming to the colonies, and daily life on #21 New England, Middle, and Southern Colonial Regions.  Students viewed previous videos and compared them to the rubric.  After working on the 1st four questions and their particular region they began writing their scripts.  

    HW: Complete script for filming by Thursday and the GoogleSlide Presentation by Friday. 


    9/06 Wednesday: Work on your region for #21, Googleslide presentation, and Scrip for the video infomercial.

    HW: Complete script for filming on Thursday and GoogleSlide presentation for Friday.


    9/07 Thursday: Rehearse, film infomercial, work on the foundations of democracratic government in Jamestown and New England.

    HW: GoogleSlide presentation due Friday.


    Friday 9/08: Finish filming, examine the Salem Witch trials. 

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  • 8/28 - 9/01 Unit 2 - The 13 Colonies Research Project

    Posted by Lewis Nelson at 8/29/2017

    This week students will examine the geographic, political, economic, religious, and cultural aspects of the 13 British Colonies of North America.  After finishing an overview of the three regions, students will research with team members one colony and create a digital brochure and an infomercial.

    Essential Questions for Unit 2: How do geographic features affect colonial development?  How do conflict and cultural differences affect the development of colonies?  How have different cultures influenced NC and the US?


    Monday 8/28 Finish overview of the 13 Colonies and their regions using #18 Notes and presentation.  HW: Make Flash cards with the term on one side and the definition plus an illustration on the other (#17 has the thirteen terms).  Quiz on Friday covers the vocabulary terms and labeling a map of the 13 Colonies.


    Tuesday 8/29: Learning History from entertainment - watch video segments of Pocahontas and compare with a historically accurate portrayal (Notes#19)  HW: Flash Cards due tomorrow, Quiz on Friday


    Wednesday- Thursday 8/30-31 Research with partners a colony in order to create a brochure and video infomercial in the Learning Commons.  HW: Quiz on Friday


    Friday 9/01: Quiz then the development of brochure/script for video infomercial.   Filming will begin on Wednesday 9/06 and both brochure and video will be due on Friday 9/08.


    Learning Commons Research page for 13 Colonies

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  • 8/21-25 Unit 1 Test, Fake News, and begin Unit 2

    Posted by Lewis Nelson at 8/21/2017

    We finish the first unit of the year on the Columbian Exchange, the movement of goods, people, and ideas, and developing historical thinking skills.


    Monday 8/21: Complete the Lost Colony activity and determine its probable fate then review for Tuesday's test.  HW: Unit 1 Study Guide (given to students on Wednesday)


    Tuesday 8/22: Test on Unit 1


    Wednesday and Thursday 8/23-24: Media Center for presentation and activities on Fake News and evaluating news sources.  Fake News Webpage


    Friday 8/25: Review Unit 1 Test and how to complete test corrections.  Begin Unit 2 The Colonial Era with #17 Unit 2 Vocabulary and Map of 13 Colonies , Unit 2 Overview Presentation for Notes #18 , and #18 Unit 2 Overview Notes . 

    Quiz on Vocabulary terms and Colonial Map on Friday 9/01.  Vocabulary Flash Cards will be due on Wednesday 8/30. 


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  • Gear Up: A Dog's Purpose

    Posted by Lewis Nelson at 8/17/2017

    Discuss and answer the first two questions and create your poster on one document in Google Drive and share it with me lnelson7@wcpss.net

    A Dog's Purpose Chapters 1-3

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  • 8/14 - 22 Unit 1 Conquistados, Native Americans, and the English

    Posted by Lewis Nelson at 8/15/2017

    Monday 8/14 Guidance Counselor visits, no assignments

    Tuesday 8/15 Socratic Seminar on racial issues, Confederate monuments, and violence in the US through the "Unite the Right" rally in Charlottesville, VA and the rally in Durham, NC.  Guiding Questions for Seminar

    Wednesday 8/16 Finish creating a presentation on Spanish versus Native American Perspectives using primary and secondary sources.  DBQ on Spanish versus Native American Perspectives on Exploration of the New World 

    Begin examining the English exploration of the New World by reading The Lost Colony to gather evidence for #12 Student Handout for the Lost Colony

    Homework: Begin reviewing for test on 8/22 Tuesday with Unit 1 Study Guide  

    Thursday 8/17 CSI Roanoke Island - examine the evidence from primary sources and coastal Carolina to determine the probable fate of the Lost Colony. #12 Student Handout for the Lost Colony Homework: Unit 1 Study Guide for Tuesday's test.

    Friday 8/18 Native Americans of NC Test on Unit 1 Tuesday 8/22

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  • Welcome to 8/4 Social Studies

    Posted by Lewis Nelson at 8/8/2017

    Welcome to Social Studies for 8/4.  I apologize if you checked here last week and and found no introduction to the 2017-18 school year.  My technical difficulties are now resolved and this webpage should keep you up to date with our assignments.  Please contact me by email lnelson7@wcpss.net or leave a message with for me with the school's receptionist (919 870-4098) and include both your number and a good time to call you back.


    7/31 Monday Welcome to 8th Grade Social Studies; review of Wake county's code of conduct Welcome to 8/4 Social Studies Classroom Rules and Expectations


    8/01 Tuesday Lunch Fight Read and discuss the witness statements to determine the consequences for a school fight; answering the Principal's report with evidence. HW: Complete the Principal's Report


    8/02 Wednesday Examine and discuss the impact of geographic features on the movement of goods, people, and ideas 1 Geography Review and begin labeling the maps of NC and the US 2 + 3 Completed Maps of the US and NC


    8/03 Thursday Complete the mapping of NC and US physical features and regions; examine the opportunities and challenges of NC's waterways with 4 NC as the Graveyard of the Atlantic / 5 Tweets about BNC and US Geography HW - Open Note Quiz on Friday


    8/04 Friday  Open Note Quiz; examine the Pea Island Rescuers and their response to the dangers along the NC coastline 


    8/07 Monday Presentation and notes on the 4 Regions of NC and the 5 Regions of the US U7 Unit 1 Overview and Vocabulary Terms 8 Presentation on NC and US Regions and 8 Student Notes on NC and US Regions 

    HW: Due Friday Illustrate eight (8) of the vocabulary terms for Friday's quiz and write a paragraph on How the geographic features of NC and the US have offered opportunities and challenges to the movement of goods, people, and ideas and submit in Google Classroom.


    8/08 Tuesday Review homework assignments and Google Classroom then view Guns, Germs, and Steel #2 to determine the role of geography in the Spanish/European conquest of the New World. HW Illustrated Vocabulary term #7 Unit 1 Illustrated Vocabulary Review and the writing assignment in Google Classroom due Friday. 9 Guns Germs and Steel Answers


    8/09 Wednesday - Repeat of Monday for 3rd and 4th Cores while 1st and 2nd are in Math Diagnostic Testing - #8 Presentation and notes on NC and US Regions.   8 Presentation / 8 Student Notes 

    HW: Illustrate #7 Vocabulary Terms (8 of them)and write/submit paragraph in Google Classroom How Geographic Features have offered opportunities and challenges in the US and NC.  

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  • Via Survey

    Posted by Spencer Ziegler at 8/1/2017

    Please take the Via Youth Survey here. Use your WCPSS email address to sign up (your WakeID username + @students.wcpss.net). When done, add your results to this form.

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  • Civil Rights Movement and End of Year Review

    Posted by Lewis Nelson at 6/13/2017

    Monday - Open Note Test covering 4th Quarter with 5 questions from the 1st through 3rd Quarters.

    Tuesday: Review #68 Civil Rights Movement Answers HW: Quiz on #68 tomorrow

    Weds-Friday: Review for End of Year Test in 8th Social Studies  HW: Study Review Packet

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  • The Cold War and the Civil Rights Movement

    Posted by Lewis Nelson at 6/6/2017

    How do differing ideologies cause conflicts?  How did the conflict between the democratic, capitalistic USA and the communist USSR eventually end?

    How do differing types of leadership and grassroots movements act to create political, social, and economic changes?

    Monday 6/05: Review the Korean and Vietnam Wars with BrainPop.  HW: Complete #64 the 5 questions on McCarthyism and prepare for Open Note Test on Monday 6/12.


    Tuesday-Thursday 6/06-8: Examine the people, legal decisions, laws, and events of the Civil Rights Movement. Students will complete the #68 Civil Rights Movement Stations.  

    If you are using a laptop, you simply need to click on the hyperlinks provided in the document for each station to read an article and or watch a video to learn about the event.  If you are using an Ipad use the following:

    Station #1 Brown vs. Board of Education summary


    Station #2 The Story of Emmett Till video and the article How Emmett Till's Murder Changed the World 


    Station #3 Watch the video The Montgomery Bus Boycott and read the article The Montgomery Bus Boycott 


    Station #4 Watch the video on Little Rock, 1957 


    Station #5 Watch the video The Freedom Riders History 


    Station #6 Watch the video The Legacy of the Greensboro Four 


    Station #7 Watch the video Birmingham 1963 


    Station #8 read this #68 Station 8 Excerpts of Letter From Birmingham Jail and watch I Have a Dream Speech excerpts 


    Station #9 Read the article The Civil Rights Act of 1964 and read the article Voting Rights Act of 1965 


    Station #10 Watch Malcolm X Speaks and read Martin Luther King and Malcolm X on Integration and Violence (click "OK" if it asks you for permission)


    If you are interested in experiencing the Civil Rights Movement through more video of the events and interviews with the participants, use the following link to excerpts of Eyes on the Prize or watch entire episodes by searching Eyes on the Prize in Youtube.

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  • The Cold War

    Posted by Lewis Nelson at 5/30/2017

    Monday: Memorial Day holiday

    Tuesday 5/30: How do competing ideologies lead to conflict?  Review both Capitalism and Communism while taking notes on the key events and terms with #62 The Cold War Presentation and #62 Student Handout.  HW: Make Flash Cards for a Vocabulary Quiz on Friday using the following terms: from #54: Isolationism, Appeasement, Fascism, League of Nations; from #58 Double V for Victory; from #60 Blitzkrieg, Lend-Lease, Gross National Product (GNP), Rationing, War Bonds, Tuskegee Airmen, Rosie the Riveter, United Nations, Manhatten Project, Island-Hopping



    Wednesday 5/31: The Cold War ideological differences as seen through propaganda videos and posters. #63 Cold War handout, rough draft, and rubric and #63 Example Propaganda Posters from the US and USSR


    Thursday 6/01: Complet #62 Presentation Notes on the Cold War conflict through the Cuban Missile Crisis, 1962 between the US and the USSR and create #63 propaganda posters and submit using GoogleDocs or GoogleSlides.  HW: Complete class work and have Vocabulary Quiz tomorrow.  Unit 11 Vocabulary Practice Quiz 


    Friday, June 2: Vocabulary Quiz; How did the Cold Wa conflict create the context for McCarthyism? Background reading and questions #64 McCarthyism article. Then answer the questions from #2-3 on political cartoons from the era or#4-5 statements from #64 McCarthyism DBQ #2-3-4-5 on pages 21-23 of this extensive pdf file.

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