• Final Exam Information 2020-21


    End of Year Testing Detailed Information 


    Final Exam Schedule


    End Of Year Testing FAQs 


    Student and Parent Final Exam Guidance 

    • Teacher Made Exams - ALL students will complete their teacher made exam virtually, meaning at home. This includes Plan A students and Virtual Academy students.  Teachers may not require students to attend campus to complete any portion of their final exam.
      Teacher-made exams that are project, portfolio, or performance based may be largely completed prior to the exam window opening, and that is permissible.  However, the final due date shall be the date for teacher made exams on the End-of-Year test schedule for that particular class.   Students may be allowed to come to school on their exam day to finish their exam or project if necessary, due to lack of resources or out of need. Please communicate this with your students.
    • Exemptions- Students cannot be exempt from required state testing except through the medical exemption process.  For the 2020-2021 school year, only “Seniors” who have a final grade of C or better will be exempt from teacher made exams.
    • State End-of-Course (EOC) Exams and CTE Post Assessment
      • All administrations of EOC exams must be in person as required by state policy. Students may not take EOC exams from home. Students in Virtual Academy must take EOC exams in person, on a school campus.
      • All students enrolled in courses with a State End-of-Course exam are expected to take the exam (including NCVPS and Virtual Academy).
      • EOC exam scores shall be 20% of final course grades.