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    Early Release/Late Arrival- eligible rising 12th graders can submit an application

    Midyear/Early Graduation- eligible rising 11th grade and rising 12th graders can submit an application to either graduate a year early or to graduate after first semester senior year

    Advanced Placement (AP) Agreement- AP courses provide college level instruction and culminate in AP exams that are designed by the College Board. Students who successfully complete AP exams may receive college credit. Students who register for AP courses, need to review and complete the AP Agreement form. 

    NCVPS and Dual Enrollment will not be available through JotForm, please download and email to your counselor

    NCVPS Enrollment Form 

    Dual Enrollment Form- only for students enrolling in CCP 

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    Yearbook Application- Only RISING SOPHOMORES and JUNIORS may apply... (This means you must currently be a freshman or a sophomore--If you will be a SENIOR next year, YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO TAKE YEARBOOK 1.) *unless permission is given by Ms. Anderson*