Magnet Priorities Criteria

  • We have changed magnet priorities for 2017-18.



    Magnet schools are intended to:
    • Reduce high concentrations of poverty in schools;
    • Promote diverse school populations;
    • Maximize use of school facilities; and
    • Provide innovative educational opportunities. 
    Therefore we consider three key factors in considering magnet applications:
    • Socioeconomic status of the area where the applying student resides;
    • Projected overall socioeconomic status of the school to which that student is assigned for next year; and
    • Crowding level of the student’s assigned school for next year. 

    Checking Your Status

    Complete these steps to determine where your application will be placed in our magnet priorities.*
    1. Familiarize yourself with our prioritization criteria. 
    2. Determine your priority by doing the following:
    3. Refer back to prioritization criteria to determine your priority placement.
    * Parents of current magnet students: The siblings of current magnet students who are in an incoming entry grade (Kindergarten, 6th and 9th grade) and seeking assignment to the same school have guaranteed priority if the selection is made during the magnet application period.