• For the past two years, the WCPSS Magnet Office has conducted a Second Chance magnet application process for priority applicants*.   

    This includes:

    • New priority applicants and
    • Priority applicants who were not able to be selected during the initial magnet application period

     The only schools available for this event are magnet schools with a limited number of priority magnet seats still available. This year, MECME is one of these schools.  In other words, there is still a chance to become a MECME Bee! buzzby

     To apply to MECME, please submit a transfer request anytime after May 1, 2020 (this transfer application window runs up to the first day of school for the 2020-2021 school year) at transfers.wcpss.net/apply. Identify it as a hardship transfer and, in the dialogue box, enter “Invited to apply by the Office of Magnet Programs” and include your level of priority.

     If your request is approved, MECME will become your child’s assigned school. If you are selected for MECME and transportation is not provided, you will be responsible for transportation to and from school. To see the level of transportation for your address, visit wcpss.net/preview. If MECME is not on your list, you may still request us but transportation will not be available.

     *Priority applicants are those who qualify for selection priorities 1-5.  To confirm your selection priority, please visit wcpss.net/priorities.



    To learn more about how our magnet theme reaches and effects all students here at MECME, watch the video below.

  • We are sorry, but we are not offering tours of MECME at this time.

    If you are interested in speaking with someone more about our school

    and the second chance application process,

    please contact:

    Randi Jones


    Magnet Coordinator

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Magnet IV