• Athens Drive Hosts STEM Wars to Promote STEM

    On Friday, November 16, Athens Drive Magnet High School hosted our annual STEM WARS.  The event brings together literacy, STEM and our Global Health Initiatives. Each year the event becomes bigger and better thanks to the innovation and work from our students and staff.  During the event students were able to take part in story time, to promote literacy, engage in activities with the Robotics Team, play games, learn about the world of virtual reality, learn from our Girls Engineering Club, and much more!

    This year, staff at Athens Drive invited nearly 160 students from A.B. Combs Leadership Magnet Elementary to join in to learn about the wide world of STEM.  The event was spearheaded by our Literacy Coach, Dr. Jennifer Lowry; our magnet coordinator, Mrs. Tonya Hinton, and our STEM coordinator, Mr. Shane Barry.  The event also involved multiple student volunteers who helped facilitate learning for both Athens Drive students and Combs students.  The event also included support from some of our community partners including William Peace University, Campbell University and NC State University.

    Athens Drive Magnet High School Center for Medical Sciences and Global Health Initiatives offers students an array of learning experiences including two distinct academies: The Health Science Career Academy and the STEM Academy of Energy and Sustainability.