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    Click here for Spring Semester: FINAL EXAM SCHEDULE 




    Get your name on the College Map

    Have you been accepted to a college and wish to be represented on the college map in the lobby? 

    If so, click on the link above to record your information and upload your acceptance letter!


    Did you receive a scholarship offer?

    We want to see ALL of your scholarship letters, even if you aren't going to the

    university/college that you earned a scholarship from!

    What to do:

    -Make a copy of your scholarship letter

    -Make sure your first and last name is printed at the top

    -Drop it off at Student Services



    All seniors should take a moment to read about important Senior Specific information.


    Seniors, you will receive 8 tickets for guests to the AFHS 2019 Graduation.

    Use this form to request up to 2 additional tickets only.

    You must log in with your *student email* to submit the request.



    Quick Glance at our Standardized Tests for 2018-19


    The Pre-SAT registration opens at the end of August, Closes September 10th.

    Test date:October 10, 2018

    Registration Required.

    The Pre-ACT will be given to ALL Sophomores during the school day.

    Test date: November 15, 2018 

    No registration is required.  

    One Free ACT will be given to ALL Junior's during the school day.

    Test date: February 20th, 2019

    No registration is required. 

    Any other standardized tests SAT/ACT you must register on your own.

    SAT Registration Dates: https://collegereadiness.collegeboard.org/sat-subject-tests/register/test-dates-deadlines

    ACT Registration Dates: https://www.act.org/content/act/en/products-and-services/the-act/registration.html



    Next SAT
    Next ACT
    May 4
    June 8
    June 1 
    July 13


    For more SAT/ACT information you may visit the Student Services tab "Standardized Tests" 


    Seniors & Transcripts:

    Fall of Senior Year:

    Seniors received a copy of their unofficial transcripts in homeroom two times, once before re-ranking (9/12/18) and a second time after re-ranking (10/3/18).  It is suggested that you keep a copy for your records as some schools may request an unofficial transcript through the year. 

    Please note: Transcripts will be ready for you to order through either your CFNC account (in-state schools) or wcpss.Scriborder.com (out of state schools) starting the last week of September.

    Spring of Senior Year:

    Seniors requesting transcripts mid-year should know that re-ranking will take place February 11, 2019. Request transcripts through CFNC (in-state) and www.scriborder.com (out of state).

    *If you applied to a college/university using the Common App you will also need to create your CFNC account to ensure that your FINAL transcript is sent to your in-state school of choice.

    *If you applied to an In-State College you should request your transcript to be sent through YOUR CFNC account. CFNC will also automatically send a FINAL transcript (in late June) to all colleges indicated in your CFNC account. YOU MUST pick the schools you want your transcript sent to. CFNC uses YOUR list to know where you want your transcript to go.

    *If you applied to an Out Of State College,  log onto www.scriborder.com to request your transcript be sent to the colleges that you are applying to. In June, after graduation, you will also need to log onto www.scriborder.com to request that a FINAL transcript be sent to the college you are attending. Once NCDPI releases scores your scriborder request will be processed. This usually happens the last week in June. 

                           Upcoming College Visits to AFHS                                  


                                 Thank you to the over 30 colleges that came to visit during the 2018-19 school year. We look forward to the 2019-20 visits in the fall!