• Second Grade Supply List

    →1 backpack (no wheels)

    →1 pair of headphones or earbuds (label with name)

    →6 wide ruled composition notebooks (solid colors only)

    →2 packs wide ruled loose leaf notebook paper

    →4 plastic pocket folders with fasteners (plain, assorted colors)

    →2 dozen yellow #2 pencils

    →2 boxes of 16-24 count crayons

    →4 glue sticks

    →2 boxes of tissues A-M last name: Gallon Ziploc bags →N-Z last name: Quart Ziploc bags

    →2 packs of printer paper

    →1 pack of pink erasers

    Please remember that our supplies are shared (except for the headphones). Only write your student’s name on the headphones and leave their name off all other supplies. Thank you!