2018-19 Calendar Change Discussion

calendar change discussion
  • UPDATE: On May 2, the Wake County Board of Education decided to delay a vote about proposed calendar changes to some year-round schools.

    Next Steps

    On May 16, staff will provide a general overview of the 2018-19 Enrollment Plan. That overview will include possible next steps for continued discussion of year-round calendar efficiency.


    Why is this being discussed?

    The Wake County Public School System school board and staff are reviewing all year-round-calendar schools across the district. They want to determine if changing the calendars of some schools could lead to more efficient use of our school buildings and transportation system.

    Because we live in a large and growing school district, board members want to ensure all school buildings are being used efficiently.


Board members and staff are considering whether changing the calendars of some schools could lead to a more balanced use of our school facilities.

Why is this being discussed now?

    Decisions need to be made in the first half of this year, because any changes would affect the student enrollment plan for the 2018-19 school year.

    That plan will be discussed starting in August of this year and must be approved by early December.

Multi-track Calendar Change FAQ

Parents, please see our answers to some frequently asked questions posed on the online forum.

Watch April 4 Board Discussion

Go to the 1 hour, 10-minute mark to see the board and staff discuss the calendar change proposals