• Jones Dairy Elementary School

    BYOD Agreement


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    Students take full responsibility for their devices.

    Personal technology should not be left on campus before or after school hours.

    If students forget devices at home, parents should not drop them off later to avoid interruption of instruction.

    Students must either keep the device in their book bag or out in the classroom (as directed by the teacher).


    Students must immediately comply with teachers’ requests to shut down devices or close the screen.

    Devices will not be used during assessments, unless otherwise directed by the teacher.

    Devices will not be used with a substitute teacher in a classroom.


    Students and parents are expected to respect and protect the privacy of others.

    Students and parents are not permitted to capture, transmit, or post photographs/videos of any person on campus to public or social networking sites for personal reasons.


    Students are expected to use devices at school for educational purposes only.

    Students will access files or Internet sites relevant to the classroom curriculum and suggested by teachers.


    Students understand that devices cannot be used during transition times, cafeteria, on the playground, on the bus, or at any other non-instructional time.


    Students and parents understand that devices cannot be used at school for personal texting.


    Students and parents understand that infecting the network with a Virus, Trojan, or program designed to damage, alter, destroy, or provide access to unauthorized data or information will result in disciplinary action.


    Due to infrastructure, students understand that printing from personal devices will not be possible at school.


    Students are expected to follow the Student Code of Conduct, as well as Board policy Technology Responsible Use Policy. Any violation may result in the loss of technology privileges at school, as well as other disciplinary action.


    The school has the right to collect and examine any device at any time.


    Our family understands that the use of personal devices to support educational experiences is not a necessity but a privilege. When expectations are abused, privileges will be taken away. We have taken the necessary steps to reinforce the expectations listed above with our child and understand that JDES is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged devices.


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