Mr. Nelson's Family

Meet Mr. Nelson

  • I am excited to be teaching 8th graders and preparing them for high school after several years of 6th and 7th grade Social Studies and Language Arts here at Durant. I am a graduate of the College of William and Mary for both my B.A. in Government and M.Ed. in Secondary Education.  After graduating from college, I worked for a DC law firm but eventually found my calling in education.  In 1994, my wife and I moved to NC and I began teaching 8th grade Social Studies.  The curriculum then was focused on NC History and, as a Virginian, I had quite a bit of state history to learn after Sir Walter Raleigh and the Wright Brothers, apparently that's all my Virginia schooling thought was important about the Tarheel state :-)  After 11 years of teaching 8th grade and History Bowl teams, I joined the NC Department of Public Instruction as a Middle Grades Social Studies Consultant.  Although working at NCDPI was professionally rewarding, I missed the daily interaction with students.  I still consult with them on some content issues but am glad to be focused on your young adults.  Since returning to the classroom, I have again enjoyed broadening my horizons to better understand and teach world religions, ancient history, and cultural geography.  For the past three years I have also taught 6th grade English. I look forward to continuing to help students build their reading comprehension during Gear Up this year.  

    My wife and I have four daughters including a rising college freshman, a 10th grader, and 7th grade twins.  Our focus is on them and I understand the challenges of balancing academics with family life and after school activities.  Personally, I enjoy jogging, live music, Civil War battlefield visits, Tarheel basketball, watching my girls compete in soccer and gymnastics, and driving them to practice six days a week (though not quite as much).