2019-20 Enrollment Proposal

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  • UPDATE SEPT. 21: We have posted answers to some frequenty asked questions. Google Doc | PDF

    UPDATE SEPT. 18: Draft 2 of the Student Enrollment Proposal was presented at the board's work session.

    UPDATE AUG. 29: We have answered some frequently asked questions. | PDF version 


    Draft 1 of the 2019-20 Student Enrollment Proposal was released on Aug. 21. This is the beginning of a community discussion about the best ways to fill new schools opening in 2019 and to make the best use of existing school facilities. We are committed to ensuring that every child in Wake County attends an excellent school, no matter where they live.


    Why is this being proposed?

    The main drivers of this plan are the opening of four new schools in the 2019-20 school year: 
    • Green Level High School, 7612 Roberts Road, Cary (Proposed to open for 9th and 10th graders)
    • Alston Ridge Middle School, 120 Winding Pine Trail, Cary
    • Parkside Elementary School, 100 Little Drive, Morrisville
    • Southeast Raleigh Elementary School, 1436 Rock Quarry Road, Raleigh

    Some other proposed changes are not related to the opening of new schools but would reduce overcrowding and/or maintain balanced student populations across our district.
    Learn about the other proposed changes.

    We also are proposing a number of changes to calendar application school choices, primarily to reduce overcrowding and maximize transportation efficiency.
    Learn more about proposed application school changes.


    How do I know if I am affected?

    Type in your address in this look-up tool. It will show your proposed base school for the 2019-20 school year, as well as your designated application schools. 


    I am proposed to be affected. How can I share my feedback and gather additional information?

    We strive for a collaborative and transparent process. You may start by visiting our online feedback forum. Find the topic thread that applies to you and share your feedback and ask questions. We will be able to respond directly to questions of process or clarification. We will answer more detailed questions in a frequently asked questions document. At the end of September we will hold public information sessions. A public hearing is scheduled for Oct. 30. View full timeline.


    How do we plan for student population growth?

    We are committed to smart growth and planning strategies that promote healthy schools and address school crowding. We currently have more than 160,000 students, and are projected to add nearly 23,000 additional students by the 2024-25 school year.  
    Watch the video to learn more about how we use smart planning and creativity to manage growth.



    How are student assignment decisions made?

    Our school board and district staff makes all these decisions by weighing four factors: Student Achievement, Stability, Proximity and Operational Efficiency. Often decisions become a trade-off between two pillars. The most common example is moving students from their current school (Stability) in order to reduce crowding at their current school and/or fill a new school (Operational Efficiency).
    Watch the video to learn more about the Four Pillars.


    What is the process for reaching a final decision?

    We use parent and school board feedback to create several draft plans before a vote on the official plan. After receiving parent feedback online, staff will make revisions and present a second draft to the board in September. After a series of public meetings and more online feedback, a third draft will be presented to the board in October. They will discuss any additional adjustments to the plan.

    When will a final decision be made?

    The board is scheduled to take a final vote on Nov. 20.

Find Your Proposed 2019-20 Base and Application Schools

Use our address look-up tool to view your base and application schools as proposed in Draft 2.

Feedback and Questions

Visit our online parent forum to share your feedback and ask questions.