BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)

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    Olive Chapel Elementary is part of the Wake County Public School System’s Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Program.  This initiative will include all fourth and fifth grade classrooms for the 2019-2020 school year.

    The BYOD initiative at Olive Chapel Elementary involves students, teachers, parents, and administrators working together to create a technologically advanced learning environment. This initiative will allow students to bring their own internet-based devices (laptops, Chrome Books, Nooks, tablets, iPads, etc.) into the classroom. These devices will be used at the discretion of individual teachers, specialists, and administrators to enhance lessons and learning at Olive Chapel Elementary. Teachers will incorporate devices at appropriate points within their lessons to enhance students in thinking critically, visibly, and globally in the classroom.  BYOD will grant students the privilege to use their devices in the classroom; however, this is a choice program. Students are not required to bring devices to school and will be provided opportunities to work with school-owned technology if they do not have a personal device available. 

    Our BYOD Vision

    Olive Chapel Elementary strives to enhance student-centered learning through opening lines of communication and foster collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking in the school environment to produce students that are college and career ready. The BYOD program will give students access to the digital tools that will enhance and support classroom instruction.

    UPDATE (6/30/19):  ALL students, inluding the 4th and 5th graders in our BYOD program, are no longer able to use cellphones as a BYOD device. We have found that over the years, cellphones as devices do not work well for the assignments using google classroom, google apps, internet based programs and student WakeID Portal applications. Students will have multiple other school devices to use during class in order to have equitable access to technology.

    STUDENT CELL PHONE POLICY: Students are only allowed to have cell phones on school grounds if they are turned completely off and kept in their backpack. Students are not allowed to use their cellphones during school hours or on the school bus. If a student has a smartwatch, that device must be turned on Airplane mode in order to disable text messages and phone calls from being received by the watch/device. The watch is considered a cellphone UNLESS airplane mode is activated. Otherwise, all smart watches will need to be powered off and placed in backpacks as well.


    Download the OCE BYOD Student/Parent Contract HERE

    Student Expectations

    • Students MUST have permission to bring a device to school
    • Students AND guardians are required to sign the BYOD contract
    • ONLY the owner of the device can touch...not a friend or a teacher
    • Device for instructional purposes only
    • OCE is not responsible for providing facilities to charge devices
    • Devices are expected to be charged at home and put away after the battery loses its charge
    • NO DEVICE USE ZONES: Bathrooms, Playground, Cafeteria, & Buses
    • School Staff reserves the right to change procedures and storage of devices as needed
    • Cellphones are no longer considered appropriate BYOD devices