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    We always need magazines for students to cut up and use for a variety of projects! So, if you want to donate/recycle your old issues of magazines, we would LOVE to have them! Please send donated magazines (for cut-up) to the Media Center.


    Are your children's bookshelves overflowing with children's/young adult novels and books? If so, we may have a solution!! The Media Center can use your gently used children's/young adult novels and books for classroom collections or within our own collection! If you would like to donate your gently used books (or new ones too!), please send/bring them to the Media Center! Our students appreciate your generosity!!
    Any questions, please contact Kelli Jones / Teacher-Librarian at 662-2915 or khjones@wcpss.net.

    Visiting the Media Center

    The media center is open from 7:10 AM until 3:00 PM for students to check out materials or for quiet reading, research, or study. Students who stay after school must have a ride ready to pick them up by 3:00 P.M. each day. Students will also come to the media center with their language arts classes every three weeks for book circulation. In addition, most core and elective teachers bring students to the media center to use research materials for major assignments and projects. Students who come to the media center without a teacher should present their agendas and sign in at the circulation desk as soon as they enter the media center.
    The media center has an online card catalog and circulation system. Computers for accessing the Internet are also available. Students will be shown how to use them during their media center orientation and through their research classes. Any students, who need to print research materials, must see a media staff member for permission to print. Ten cents per page will be charged for lengthy printing jobs. Students who do not follow these computer rules will lose their privilege to access media center computers.

    Checking Out and Returning Books

    To check out a book, place a "date due slip" in the book pocket; then give the book and your last name to the librarian. Books may be returned at the circulation desk or at the book return near the media center entrance. Students may check out books for a 3-week loan period. Reference books and periodicals may be checked out on an overnight basis. Overnight materials must be returned by 8:30 each morning to keep them from becoming overdue.


    Students may lose circulation privileges if they neglect to return books on time. Damaged book fees will be assessed on a case-by-case basis. The fees for lost books are rounded up to the next dollar to help defray the cost of processing and replacing books.

    Reading During Track-Out

    The media staff encourages students to check out books just before leaving for track-out. Since books are checked out for 3 weeks, everyone should have plenty of time to return books before they become overdue. Before tracking out, students should also return/renew any books that will become overdue during their break.

    Home Access to the WLMS Online Catalog - Destiny

    Students have the opportunity to access our online card catalog as well as web based resources from home by visiting http://destiny.wcpss.net and selecting West Lake Middle, students and parents can check on the availability of print resources from our collections as well as access web resources through WebPath Express.

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