• Rolesville Middle School is a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) school.  The goal of this program is to supplement school-owned devices to provide more 1-to-1 learning experiences for students.  We also seek to teach students productive ways to use their devices and healthy technology habits for their future.

    RMS allows students to bring their own devices (laptops, smart phones, tablets, iPads, etc.) into the classroom. While all devices are acceptable, we encourage you to consider devices that will provide maximum utilization, which is a device with a keyboard.  We also provide a resource guide, which highlights various devices and their effectiveness in various BYOD activities.  Additional documents, such as permissions forms, can be found in the document library to the right.  The basic guidelines are:

    • BYOD will grant students the privilege to use their devices in the classroom; however, students are not required to bring devices to school and will be provided opportunities to work with school-owned technology if they do not have a personal device available.
    • Teachers are not able to address technical issues with students’ personal devices in the classroom. They will provide guidance on how to use devices for learning, but technical support is the responsibility of the students and parents.
    • Rolesville Middle School is not liable for any device that is stolen, lost, or damaged. Responsibility to keep the device secure rests with the individual owner.
    • Classrooms (inside and outside the classroom door) will be equipped with “BYOD Status Posters”, which will display “red” (No BYOD use) or “green” (BYOD use). If BYOD is not being used, students will be provided two options, which include storing their phone/device in their locker or placing it in the student’s assigned slot in a phone caddy in the classroom.  If students choose to utilize the phone caddy, phones must be off or on silent and students will retrieve their phones as they exit the classroom.
    • When students are using devices in class but must leave the classroom for any reason, their phones will be placed in the caddy, and students may retrieve their phone once they return to class.
    • In the case of a substitute teacher being present, students will be notified and all phones must be placed in their locker during that period.
    • Additionally, we will be following a “Door-to-Door” policy for phone use at arrival and dismissal.  When a student arrives to school and enters the building, phone and ear buds must be put away. In the afternoon, phones and earbuds must be put away until students exit the building.
    • If a student makes the choice to use his/her phone any time outside of “green” BYOD, the phone will be taken, given to the student’s homeroom teacher and returned at the end of the day. Additionally, the student will receive three days of lunch detention.  A second offense will result in five days of lunch detention. A third offense will result in the student being written up for non-compliance.

    We recognize this updated BYOD use and phone policy may be an adjustment for some.  We appreciate your support as we teach students about appropriate device and technology use while at school.