• 2019- 2020 1st Semester Exam Schedule


    Special Notes:  

    -Students are expected to take exams at the scheduled times.  If absent from an exam, students must submit a parent note to the attendance office

    upon return to school.  The student is responsible for working with the teacher to schedule the make-up exam for a teacher-made exam.  For a state exam 

    (CTE, NCFE, or EOC) the testing coordinator for state exams will schedule the make-up state exam.

    -Students who do not have an EOC exam, NCFE or make-up exam do not report to school on June 5th, 6th, 7th, 10th, or 11th.   Studends who remain on campus after the EOC exam or make-up exam must remain in designated, supervised areas and following the schedule provided on those days.

    -ALL exams will count for 20% of the final grade, including EOC, NCFE, and CTE exams.

    -Senior Exemptions:  A and UP to 3 excused absences,  B and UP to 2 excused absences, C and UP to 1 excused absence.

    -Only 1 College Visit/Educational absence is excused with regard to Senior Exemptions each semester.  

    Please refer to the studend handbook for further details.


    -Exemptions are not allowed for courses with state testing requirements.

     *Exam schedule is subject to change