What does BYOD look like at TCE


    The BYOD initiative at Turner Creek Elementary School involves all 3rd-5th grade students, teachers, parents and administrators working together to create the type of environment that will allow students to enhance critical thinking skills through collaboration with peers. We're looking forward to seeing creativity blossom as students develop stronger communication skills through engaging and challenging activities and projects that will require the development of critical thinking skills. It's not about the devices themselves, it's about embracing them as a tool for enhancing the great instructional practices already taking place.


    This 2017-2018 school year Turner Creek, will allow 3rd-5th grade students to bring their own technology devices (laptops, smart phones, Nooks, tablets, iPads, etc.) into the classroom. These devices are to be used at the discretion of individual teachers to enhance lessons and learning. Teachers will incorporate devices at appropriate points within their lessons to build ideas, enlist creativity, grant quick access to information, and allow students Internet access to develop knowledge and collaboration in the classroom.


    This initiative is a privilege for students, not a right.