• Bring Your Own Device

    The BYOD initiative at Pleasant Union Elementary School involves students, teachers, parents and administrators working together to create a technologically advanced learning environment that allows students to enhance their critical thinking, creativity, communication and collaboration.

    • Teachers plan and implement rigorous and engaging activities that support the curriculum.
    • Students use kid-safe search engines, educational apps and Internet sites via links on our PUE Student Weblinks and teachers' websites.
    • Teachers monitor students' usage of devices closely.
    • Teachers teach Internet Safety and anti-bullying lessons.
    • To ensure that all students will have equal access to technology, staff will provide school-owned devices (iPads and laptops) to students without devices.

    The initiative is a privilege for students, not a right.


    Popular BYOD Devices

    • iPads
    • iPod touches
    • Smartphones
    • iPhones
    • Laptops
    • Chromebooks
    • Kindles
    • Nooks
    • Other Android Tablets