• How to Subscribe to SRMHS ListServ:

    1.  Send an email to serhs_parents-request@mailman.wcpss.net

    2.  Leave the Subject Line Blank

    3.  Type Subscribe in the first line of the email message body.  (make sure you click enter after typing subscribe.)

    4.  Send the email.  NOTE: All email commands must be sent to the system in Plain Text format.  The   system will not recognize HTML or other MIME types.  Documentation is available for all email clients and you should be familiar with how to send mail in Plain Text format.

    5.  You will receive a confirmation email asking you to reply in order to confirm your subscription request.  (Please check your SPAM mail or Promotion Mail in Gmail).

    6.  Click the Reply button and send the email.  (Do not use the web site link.  The web site is not available outside Wake County Public Schools’ network)

    7.  You will receive a welcome message that will provide you with pertinent information about your mailing list subscription and how to perform the most common list functions. Most importantly it provides you with your password for the list.  You may want to print this email out and keep it in a safe place for your records.