• Frequently Asked Questions: 

    When is the magnet application window open? 

    The application will be open January 4-30, 2019. Families will be notified of their magnet school assignment for 2019-2020 as of February 19th. The application is only available online. Please do not wait for the transfer period in February, if you know you want your child to attend Conn, apply now. 

    What do I need to do before beginning the application? 

    If your child is not currently a Wake County student, you will need to register them at your base school. You can find that school assignment through this link. Registration is available during normal school hours, typically between 10-3. After registering, you will receive your Student's Idenfication Number, this will be needed to begin the magnet application. This ID number will stay with your child throughout their career with Wake County Public Schools (it is also their lunch number). 

    What if Conn is my base? 

    Base Declaration, early transfer, and calendar option application period is February 8-12. If you have been accepted to another magnet school, but choose to come to Conn, you can request to go back to your base school during this time. 

    What can I do to help my student get into Conn? 

    Please be sure that Conn is listed as your first choice. When accepting students to programs, you will be placed at your first choice option if possible. If you are not selected to your first choice, you will be assigned to an Applicant Pool (not a numeric wait list). The pool will be processed in April, but you will not be able to see where you are on that list. 

    How can I get magnet status if my child is considered a transfer? 

    Students currently assigned to Conn as a transfer may apply to Conn to try to get magnet status. This will help them going on to middle and high school to receive priority within our pathway. If they are not selected to receive magnet status, they will remain at Conn as a transfer student. Applying will not cause them to lose their seat. 

    What if I already have kids at Conn? 

    You will still need to complete an application for their younger siblings to attend. However, priority is given to families with siblings already enrolled at Conn, so that we are able to keep families together. 

    What if my child is going on to middle school? 

    You will need to complete the magnet application for them to attend a magnet middle school. If they are following their base option, they do not need to do the application. Your child will receive some priority if they are following the Leadership & Technology pathway from Conn, or going on to another magnet school. 

    What is Conn's pathway? 

    Conn is a part of the Leadership & Technology pathway, with students streamlining to Carroll, Centennial, or Reedy Creek. Our high school pathway is to Southeast Raleigh. Our students leave very well rounded with a variety of interests, they have gone on to several other magnet schools and been successful. 

    What is your program all about? 

    At Conn, we offer a wide variety of programming to promote our students through Entrepreneurial Design, who are proficient with technology. Within this theme, our CONNtrepreneurs are participating within the four main pillars of the program. We focus on our STEM integration through Project Based Learning Modules. Our Focus Areas provide choices to students as to what they want to participate in Dance, Drama, Computer Science, Visual Art, Music, Physical Education, and Spanish. We are also a 1:1 school where every student in grades 2-5 are assigned an iPad to use daily at school. In grades K-1 we have small sets of Apple devices, and SMART Tables or SMARTBoards for increase interactivity. Lastly, we weave an emphasis on Community Partnerships. Throughout Focus Areas and Modules students are learning from our community and beyond to build their understanding of the content they are learning through excursions, video conferences, and guest speakers from business and organizations.

    What is Entrepreneurial Design? 

    An entrepreneur is not just someone who starts a business or takes financial risk, as Webster may define; it is so much more than that! We focus in on the entrepreneurial mindset which encourages students to fail forward, always persevering, being creative and innovative, fostering curiosity, striving for excellence, and so much more. Entrepreneurial Design is having the vision and ingenuity to find a problem and take the risks and courage to design a solution in an innovative way!