• Purpose

    To learn about sustainability, raise awareness of sustainable practices and to facilitate education to help stimulate ideas and actions for improvements.


    • Reduce our ‘ecological footprint’
    • Tie environmental issues to economic issues; think globally, act locally
    • Connect with local Green organizations
    • Involve and connect students to other students, adults, and communities
    • Projects to be determined by Green Team members
    • Grow and maintain school garden for learning, eating and contemplating.

    What is sustainability 

    The term means taking into consideration the social, economic and envornmental aspects of our actions, as well as recognizing the inter-relationships between these aspects.  Sustainability includes protecting our environment and preserving natural habitats and biodiversity, but it is also about promoting a healty and engaged society.


    • The kids are recycling their lunch items and things being used in the classroom.
    • Eliminating some of our paper pencil tasks.
    • Positively Support and Appreciate Staff as they Go Green
    • Reduce waste 
    • Collecting reusable items