• I need help and don't know where to start?!
    If this is you, Millbrook High School can seem very large and confusing. If you have a question or concern, whether academic, social, emotional, or general the best place to start is with your student's administrator and counselor.
    Who is my student's administrator or counselor?
    We are organized by alpha range based on your student's last name. Please see the charts below which list office phone numbers as well as email addresses.
     Alpha Range  Administrator  Email Address  Office Phone
     A-CL  Ms. Natasha Wilson  nwilson5@wcpss.net  919-850-8787  Ext. 21467
     CO-HE  Mr. Charles Patton   cpatton2@wcpss.net  919-850- 8787 Ext. 21468
     HI-ME  Mr. Duane Flowers  dflowers@wcpss.net  919-850-8787  Ext. 21454
     MI-R  Mr. Sebastian Shipp  sshipp@wcpss.net  919-850- 8787 Ext. 21466
     S-Z  Mrs. Sophia Overdiep  soverdiep@wcpss.net  919-850- 8787 Ext. 21464
     Alpha Range  Counselor  Email Address  Office Phone
     A-CL  Jenny Cahoon  jcahoon@wcpss.net  919-850-8787  Ext. 21456
     CO-HE  Glenn Flowers  gflowers@wcpss.net  919-850-8787  Ext. 21457
     HI-ME  Shaunte' Adams  sadams2@wcpss.net  919-850-8787  Ext. 21459
     MI-R Sally Geyer  sgeyer2@wcpss.net  919-850-8787  Ext. 21458
     S-Z Caitlin Harvey  cjharvey@wcpss.net  919-850-8787  Ext. 21499