Please see the information below and be sure to encourage your students and each other to participate in all of the events.  Let Marsha or I know if you have any questions!
    1. Spirit Week (Monday, October 3 - Friday, October 7)  Students love to see their teachers participating in Spirit Week so be sure to dress up each day!
    Monday:  Olympics / Sports Day
    Tuesday:  Prep vs. Hippie Day
    Wednesday:  Tourist Day
    Thursday:  Farm Day (Dress in your overalls and farmer gear)
    Friday:  Green and White Day
    flier to display in your classroom coming next week
    2. Pep Rally - The pep rally will take place on Friday, October 7th during 4th period.  More information will come soon from Mary Catherine Troxler.
    3. Homecoming Parade - The parade will take place on Walnut Street at 4:00 on Friday, October 7th.  The parade will start at Warren Avenue and come down Walnut Street to the school.  Find a spot to watch by the Burger King so you can admire the hard work our students have put in to making this a great parade.  If you sponsor a club, class or coach a sport, we would love for you to participate.  Today is the deadline to let us know if you are interested.  We have some groups who are just riding in the parade so that is definitely an option if your group does not make a float.  Please see the attached Parade Route details for all groups who are definitely participating.  I also included the parade guidelines again for your reference.
    4. Homecoming Game - 7pm vs. Apex Friendship.  Come support our Football Team and see the crowning of our Homecoming Queen.
    5. Food Trucks - The following food trucks:  Hibachi Express, Queso Monster, and Belgian Waffle Crafters will be in the stadium parking lot from 8:30-10:30 for students, staff and members of the community to get a snack after the game and on the way to the Homecoming Dance.
    6. Homecoming Dance - The dance will take place from 9:30-11:30 in the auxiliary gym.  We could use the help chaperoning so please come over after the game to help for any amount of time that you can.  Let students know that the cost is $5.00 and only Cary High students can attend.
    Thank you!
    Celia and Marsha
    Homecoming Parade Participants
    Make sure your group has a removable part from their float to drop off at the auxiliary gym after the parade

    Arrive At 3:30

    ROTC - Feight

    Band - Minnick
    Homecoming Court -Anderson, Atkinson

    Cheerleaders –Troxler

    Football Team – Kirst

    Swim Team – (Baywatch) Rosenberg

    Feeder School groups

    Clubs – Arrive at 3:40

    Anime Club (Pokemon) - Riley

    Athletic Training (The Waterboy) - Hall

    Club Unifiy (The Lion King) - Bass

    Film (Star Wars) - Cross

    Yearbook (Toy Story) - Sutton

    Classes – Arrive at 3:45

    Freshmen (Pirates of the Caribbean) – Howe / Fitzpatrick

    Sophomores – (Jurassic Park) – Culp / May

    Juniors – (Up) – Loughridge / McCullough

    Seniors– (The Wizard of Oz) – Cooper / Duncan



    Homecoming Parade Information and Guidelines

    Dear Homecoming Parade Participants,

                Thank you so much for joining in the spirit of Homecoming! Below you will find a list of guidelines for this year’s parade. If you have any questions or concerns please contact Marsha Anderson, or Celia Atkinson.

    Many thanks!

    Marsha and Celia

    Parade Regulations 

    1)    2-3 Students may hold a banner before the float announcing your club or class.  If all of your students cannot fit on the float, they may stand behind the students holding the banner but they must stay within a rope barrier between the banner and the car of the float.  No walkers can walk outside of this barrier. Other than the students holding the banner, the students within the rope barrier, the band, and ROTC, there are to be no other walkers.

    2)    Please be sure that your club/class posts their name somewhere obvious on the float.

    3)    Each club/class advisor must escort their group to the parade, monitor them during the line-up and parade, and make sure that all their materials are cleaned up after the parade.

    4)    Every group must be in line at their designated time or they will not be able to participate. (Line up order and times will be forthcoming.)

    5)    Advisors are responsible for checking the float for safety. No students shall stand on a structure on the float taller than four feet.

    6)    Advisors should keep all floats moving, stay in line, and keep all riders onboard the float until the police escort ends the parade in the faculty parking lot.

    7)    All floats can be decorated with anything that you can build, buy or borrow.

    a.     No motorcycles, horses, etc.

    b.     No candy, prizes, etc may be thrown to spectators.

    c.     No students may be excused from class to prepare for the parade.

    8)    Students must be dressed appropriately. If an outfit is inappropriate, the individual will not be able to participate in the parade.

    9)    No guns will be used as props (regardless of whether they are toys, water guns, etc.)

    10)   If a student acts in any way that is inappropriate, or in a way that sends a negative message, the student will not ride on that float.

    11)   Nothing will be thrown from the float before, during, or after the parade.

    12)   Please make sure that there is a removable part of your float (figure, prop, etc.) that can be placed in the gym following the parade to use as decoration for the Homecoming Dance on Friday night.  Class and Club float winners will be announced at the Homecoming Game.



    The floats will be judged on the following –

    1.     Originality

    2.     Use of Theme (Movies / TV shows)

    3.     Creativity

    4.     Class/Club Unity and Pride