•  Activity bus will start on February 22nd and will run on synchronous days - Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.  The Activity bus will NOT run on asynchronous days.  The Activity Bus will depart Wakefield Middle School at around 5:15pm-5:30pm. The route timing is based on the number of stops the bus has to make on a given day. The best bet is for your child to contact you by phone to give you an estimated time of arrival.

     Activity Bus 

    ·     Food Lion @ Wakefield Crossing

    ·      Food Lion @ Highway 98

    ·      Fire Station @ New Light Rd

    ·      Pleasant Union Elementary

    ·      Sycamore Creek Elementary

    ·      Brassfield Elementary       

    ·      Durant Road Middle

    ·      Fox Road Elementary

    ·      Foxhall village Rd & Tallyhoe Village Rd

    ·      Harris Creek Elementary

    ·      Wildwood Forest Elementary