• Student Login – WCPSS Email and Google Drive

    FIREFOX is the preferrred browser

    Per WCPSS policy, all students are required to use their WCPSS-designated email account for all communications with teachers/staff.  WCPSS has also connected Google Drive apps to these accounts, and many programs that we use in school will interact only with them and not with any personal Google account you may have. 

     Your user ID and password for WCPSS email and Google Drive (through WCPSS) are the same.

     Most students ID's are first initial first name, first initial middle name, last name.

    For example, Jesse O. Sanderson's ID would be JOSANDERSON. 

     Your initial password is your student ID number.  Be sure to change it to something secure and record it someplace secure.  They do not offer a “password reset” function.  (P.S. Your student ID number is NOT secure.)

     1.       Log into email and change your password at this website: http://webmail.students.wcpss.net

    2.      You can then go to Google at https://wakeid.wcpss.net

    a.       Select User Type: Student

    b.      Type username* and password; click LOG IN

    * If you are logging in from any WCPSS computer or going to the above addresses to log in, you only need your user ID/email prefix (what comes before the “@”).  If you are logging in from any computer outside the WCPSS network or at google.com directly, you will need to use your entire email address: yourusername@students.wcpss.net to log in successfully. 

    Assistance with accessing your account is available from your teacher.