The STEM Academy application will be available for the class of 2024 February 2020. Please check back for updates!

November 7: ADMHS Magnet Open House

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  • Athens Drive High School is a Wake County STEM High School. The STEM Program at Athens Drive has a focus of Energy and Sustainability and serves students in grades 9-12.  The STEM Academy prepares students with challenging course work in a concentrated field of work.

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  • Energy and Sustainability
    Sustainable energy is a form of energy which is considered sustainable, meaning that the usage of such energy can potentially be kept up well into the future without causing harmful repercussions for future generations. Students in this academy will focus on the technologies and engineering principles to help them understand how we interact with the environment and how we can engineer new forms of energy.
  • STEM Principles

    Our goal is to prepare high school graduates who are:

    • Problem-solvers – able to define questions and problems, design investigations to gather data, collect and organize data, draw conclusions, and then apply understandings to new and novel situations.
    • Innovators – creatively use science, mathematics, and technology concepts and principles by applying them to the engineering design process.
    • Inventors – recognize the needs of the world and creatively design, test, redesign, and then implement solutions (engineering process).
    • Self-reliant – able to use initiative and self-motivation to set agendas, develop and gain self-confidence, and work within specified time frames.
    • Logical thinkers – able to apply rational and logical thought processes of science, mathematics, and engineering design to innovation and invention.
    • Technologically literate - understand and explain the nature of technology, develop the skills needed, and apply technology appropriately.

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