• HISTORICAL POST: The Board of Education announced on July 10, 2018 that parking passes at all WCPSS high schools are now $200 for the full year.  We apologize for any inconvenience.  If you have already paid, you can go to the Online Payment System and pay the $30 difference.  If you do not pay the difference, you will not get a parking pass.  

    (For  an Off-Campus Lunch Pass a student must have passed all classes last semester and have all SCHOOL FINES cleared.)



    There are a few parking spaces available for Juniors and Seniors. The cost is prorated so call the main office number for availability and current fee.   Off-Campus Lunch passes are sold throughout the school year. The fee is $5 for those. Questions may be directed to the front office 919-694-0500 x0.



    1. Photocopy of the driver's license (temporary or permanent).    COPIES WILL NOT BE MADE BY STAFF.                   

    2. Completed applications: (below) 

    Student Parking Application signed by a parent.

    Off-Campus Lunch Pass Application (must be notarized OR a parent (with photo I.D.) must visit AFHS for signature verification by a staff member).           

    3. Payment: Cash, Money Order or Check (Made out to AFHS), or On-Line Payment (O.S.P.) RECEIPT

    OSP opens on July 1, 2018 and continues throughout the school year. 

    Lunch Pass - $5.00 for the school year, (replacement passes $10)

    Parking - $200 for the school year (replacement passes $10). This fee decreases each month beginning October 2018.  Ask the front desk for current price.


    Last Updated: 9/13/18