Magnet Application

Second-Chance Magnet Application Period

Magnet Application Process

  • Magnet Priorities:
    The purpose of the Magnet Schools Program is to reduce high concentrations of poverty in schools; promote school integration; maximize use of school facilities and provide innovative educational opportunities. Therefore, we consider two key factors in considering magnet applications:
    1. Projected overall socioeconomic status of the school to which that student is assigned for next year

    2. Socioeconomic status of the area where the applying student resides

    To find where you will be placed on the priority list, start by looking up both the projected overall socioeconomic status of the school to which are assigned for next school year and the socioeconomic status of your area. Write down the status for both. 

    The socioeconomic status of where you live and your assigned school will determine your place on the priority list. Learn more about the magnet priorities of WCPSS here

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