University Connections: School of Design, Arts & Engineering

    University Connections: School of Design, Arts & Engineering, leverages college-level expertise to inform the development of magnet course offerings and strengthens overall program rigor. Strong and visible partnerships with local colleges and universities as well as businesses provide invaluable resources. Transdisciplinary thematic curriculum allows students to select and focus on one of the following College and Career Pathways: 1)Design; 2)Art; 3)Engineering, Math, and Sciences; and 4) Humanities and Social Sciences. Students have opportunities to take specialized courses, interact with experts in these fields, and participate in on-site and off-site visits.

    Pathways are a way for students to concentrate and be given priority in the classes they are most interested in. After 9th-grade students complete the University Connections elective their 9th-grade year, they will choose their pathway. By choosing a pathway students then have priority and can easily identify in our course catalog their pathway's electives. Students will also complete a capstone project in their 12th-grade year that will directly correlate with the pathway they have chosen. 





  • For more information please contact Magnet Coordinator Meghan McCollum at mccollum@wcpss.net

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