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  • Health This Week (Oct.14-18th)

    Posted by Joseph Pettiford on 10/13/2019

    In the classroom this week.  All classes will have some housekeeping to do before we start our first class.  Be sure to arrive on time, as we will:

    -Arrange assigned seats:

    • reduce some off-task behaviors in the classroom
    • increase collaboration

    -review classroom expectations

    • so that expectations are addressed and known
    • meet school expectations

    The rest of the week:

    6th Grade: Goal-Setting and Stress Management

    7th Grade: Stress-Management 

    8th Grade: Stress-Management and Defense Mechanisms


    Running Club This Week: Check out the route. We will be running a figure 8 to get up to 1.3 miles!!!

    Figure 8 run

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  • Phys. Ed This Week (Oct. 7-Oct.11)

    Posted by Joseph Pettiford on 10/4/2019

    Missed updating last week, but I think the guys had a lot of fun and learned about sportsmanship and teamwork.  Remember, Physical Education is an experiential lab where you move your body to learn and have fun.  

    Good job to 8th grade 1st period for winning the dress-out challenge for last week.  Remember, classes that have the lowest number of non-dressouts of each grade will get to choose class activities after the fitness portion of class.  

    Monday will be a different schedule (Junior Achievement Day), so as I understand the schedule you will not have PE on Monday.

    Tuesday- Friday Schedule

    Tuesday: Pacer Make-ups all classes/ Sit-n-reach

    • 7th grade: Flag-Football Season Starts
    • 6th grade: CANJAM- Frisbee

    Wednesday: Pacer Make-ups all classes/ Sit-n-reach

    • 8th grade: Rugby Teams, Season Starts
    • 6th grade: CANJAM- Frisbee

    Thursday: Game Day

    • 7th grade: Flag-Football Final Games
    • 6th grade: CANJAM- Frisbee Tournament

    Friday: Game Day

    • 8th grade: Rugby Final Games
    • 6th grade: CANJAM- Frisbee Tournament

    Intramural on Tuesday (10/8)

    This week has been changed to running club.  If interested, please sign-up by lunchtime on Tuesday.  If you choose not to sign-up, you will not be allowed to participate. We will be running .93 miles.  See the route below:

    10/8 Running Route   (mappedometer.com)

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  • Phys. Ed This Week (Sept.23-27)

    Posted by Joseph Pettiford on 9/22/2019

    We will be in gym this week!!! Remember we will be getting outside as many days as possible so please bring a water bottle, a small towel and a hat to wear when outside if you'd like.  All sport units will be composed of team groups this week and team practice.  You will have one day of practice and two days of scrimmages and a one class tournament.  Be ready to demonstrate sportsmanship throughout all game situations.  

    Before heading outside we will review key concepts of the game.  Next week (Thursday/Friday) we will have a test for each game covering game rules and key terms of the particular game.  

    6th grade-ultimate handball

    7th grade- flag football

    8th grade- rugby


    Intramural's this week: BASKETBALL

    Remember to sign-up before lunch on Tuesday to be eligible to stay for club on Tuesdays.  Due to interest in running club, some dates will be changed to include more running dates.  Please bring a water bottle with you and a snack to eat after school. 

     The follow dates will be running club dates:

    October 1st- Running route distance .8-mile (to Bloodworth Street and back)

    October 15th- Running route distance 1-mile (to Moore Square and back)

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  • Healthful Living Essential Standards

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