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  • Health This Week (Dec.9-13

    Posted by Joseph Pettiford on 12/8/2019

    In the classroom this week. Still focused on nutrition and physical activity this week. 

    8th grade will start the one-week nutrition goals and foods podcast recording this week. Your recording should be between 5-8 minutes long and follow your rubric. If you partner is absent you are still responsible for turning in your project by end of class on Thursday.

    7th grade will turn in start and turn in their two-day food log this week. Remember to record what you eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack everyday. Seriously, everything you consume should be listed in tlone of those areas for the two days.

    6th grade will review nutritional facts labels and prepare for nutrition jeopardy.

    Power play is over and many of you are anxious to claim your prize. Let me know if you made.the list and we will do a photo-wall for the elective bulletin board!


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  • Health This Week (Dec.2-Dec.6)

    Posted by Joseph Pettiford on 12/1/2019

    We will be in the classroom this week.  Current unit for all grade levels will be Nutrition & Physical Activity.  Check back for more details.


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  • Phys Ed. This Week ??? (Nov.25/26)

    Posted by Joseph Pettiford on 11/24/2019

    Let's hold off on heading back to the classroom this week.  I will see you in the gym on Monday and Tuesday.  

    Monday- Pacer (all grades)

    -Floor Hockey Tournament following completion on pacer test

    Tuesday- Pacer (all grades)

    -Choice activities following completion of the pacer test

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  • Healthful Living Essential Standards

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