• Mentors Make a Difference at WYMLA




    The mission of the Wake Young Men’s Leadership Academy One-on-One Mentoring Program is to establish supportive relationships between adults and students to:

    • broaden students’ visions of their future
    • help students reach their fullest academic, physical, emotional and social potential

    Program Components

    Mentoring – The one-on-one relationship is the fundamental component of the program. The mentor exposes the child to new experiences while also helping the student pursue his interests and talents.

    Advocacy – Mentors support their mentees by working within the school and community to develop and utilize resources that support the student’s success.

    About our Mentees

    Students selected for a mentoring relationship embody the following characteristics:  

    Areas of Strength

    • Shows signs of emerging moral and ethical development 
    • Actively seeks adult role models
    • Interacts well with peers and has a desire for positive peer group bonding
    • Wants to succeed
    • Presence or potential for hard work ethic
    • Internal locus of control
    • Ability to delay gratification
    • Ability to see cause and effect relationships
    • Shows moderate to high academic potential, but may be struggling

    Areas of Need

    • Lack of enrichment opportunities
    • Restricted vision of potential and possibilities for life, by virtue of own life experiences or of those around him
    • Limited view of the future
    • Challenged self esteem
    • Feels lack of power and/or control

    What we look for in Mentors

    • Volunteers in the community
    • Age 21 or older
    • Commit one hour per week, for at least a year
    • Express desire to help mentee develop vital skills

    Suggested communication between mentors and mentees

    • Student-weekly 30-60 minute meeting
    • Family-weekly check in via phone or e-mail
    • School staff- weekly check in via phone or e-mail

    Want to get involved?

    Fill out our WYMLA Mentor Interest Form to indicate your interest and tell us a little bit about yourself. We will get in touch with you via e-mail.