• Tier I RISE Resources


    Recognition Resources

    As a school we are committed to first and foremost recognizing the positive behaviors that most of our students exhibit on a regular basis. Please use Class Dojo (www.classdojo.com) to submit these RISE Recognitions.
    A few tips to help with RISE Recognitions
    -Input RISE Recognitions as often as possible 
    -Discuss bi-weekly with your interdisciplinary PLT  to make sure we stay consistent in all areas (classroom, hallway, cafeteria)
    -It is important that we maintain our primary focus on RISE Recognition because a majority of our students do the right thing most of the time. The emphasis on positive behaviors also builds equity for when conversations do need to be had about redirection of negative behavior.

    Intervention Resources

    This list of interventions are just some suggestions from a larger Tier-I list that can be found at pbisworld.com. Be sure to try 2-3 early interventions before moving on to middle interventions and at least 1 middle intervention before moving to a late intervention. For a visual overview about when to proceed to what level of Tier I intervention, and clarification on Majors vs. Minors, check out the WYMLA Intervention Flow Chart
  • Middle Interventions

  • Late Intervention