• Habit Bathroom Cafeteria Hallway Classroom Learning Commons Auditorium Technology Use
    Be Proactive
    You're in charge.
    - Keep hands to yourself
    - Wash your hands
    - Sit at your designated location
    - Stay in assigned area
    - Keep hands to yourself
    - Walk on the right side
    - Remove hats and hoods
    - Lock your locker
    - Keep hands to yourself
    - Work towards the big goal
    - Learn on purpose
    - Stay in assigned area
    - Bring a pass
    - Sign in when you arrive
    - Show respect to presenters and performers
    - Enter in an orderly manner
    - Model positive leadership
    - Self-monitor tablet compliance
    - Use devices only with direct permission, supervision, and for educational purposes
    - Only use district approved applications
    Begin with the End in Mind
    Have a plan.
    - Always have a pass when going to the restroom
    - Go only when necessary
    - Have your money/number ready
    - Make healthy food choices
    - During class time, have a pass
    - Go directly to your destination
    - Get materials for class
    - Come prepared with all necessary materials
    - Review the agenda, objective, and homework information
    - Know your purpose for visiting the learning commons - Know your purpose for visiting the auditorium
    - Enter quietly and sit where directed or assigned
    - Know your learning objective
    - Charge your tablet before coming to school

    Put First Things First
    Work first, then play.
    - Avoid using the bathroom during learning times (never the first or last ten mins. of class) - Get condiments and utensils before sitting down - Use class changes to prepare for upcoming classes
    - Limit social time
    - Use class time for learning
    - Participate in class activities
    - Complete academic work first - Connect the presentation to your academic growth - Report tablets that are out of compliance
    - Consider ways to use technology to enrich learning
    Think Win-Win
    Everyone can win.
    - Keep it clean! Flush the toilet and put trash in the trashcans - Leave the tables and floors clean for the next group - Walk on the right side of the hallway - Communicate in a positive and supportive way
    - Leave your area clean for the next student
    - Return books on time and to the appropriate locations - Listen and respond respectfully to performers and presenters
    - Respect others' space
    - Handle technology with care
    - Practice good digital citizenship
    Seek First to Understand, then to be Understood
    Listen before you talk.
    - Ask to use the restroom at times that will not disrupt the learning of others - Follow procedures outlined by teachers and cafeteria staff - Pay attention to your surroundings (earbuds out, devices off, hoods off) - Listen with your ears, eyes, and heart before you respond
    - Listen for instructions and ask clarifying questions
    - Follow procedures outlined by teachers and media specialists
    - Consider new genres, authors, titles, etc.
    - Listen with an open mind - Follow school/teacher guidelines for technology use
    Together is better.
    - Report issues to a staff member - Work with your peers to ensure a clean dining area
    - Include others in your conversations
    - Monitor volume and pace to ensure the safety of all

    - Engage in group work and class conversations
    - Collaborate, communicate, and cooperate
    - Share resource opinions, recommendations, or information - Engage in elements that call for audience participation - Use collaborative applications when appropriate
    - Encourage responsible tablet use
    Sharpen the Saw
    Balance feels best.
    Constantly strive to improve your character and practice the habits in all areas of your life.
    (updated 8.10.18)