• Spring Sports 2022 is starting soon!  Please make sure you read all the information below.  You must be registered for spring sports before February 2, 2022 on Dragonflymax.com (directions are below)!
    2021-22 Participation Requirements for Spring Sports 2022 (before you can participate):
    There will be academic requirements for participation along with a physical and medical eligibility forms as well as other required paperwork that will be digital on Dragonflymax.  Starting with Spring sports, you must have passed 3 out of 4 core subjects based on this year's first semester grades which come out in January 2022; at least half of all your electives; and not have been absent more than 14 days from school.  When you register to participate, it is important that you carefully read the entire requirements page from the Athletic Participation Form to know if you will be allowed to tryout.  We will be following those guidelines!
    ALL Parents:  Please keep checking Dragonfly until you get a green indication that everything is completed. I have been sending messages and have had to reject forms that are incorrect. You may have been receiving messages from me that have been going into your spam/junk mail.  Please check for messages in spam/junk.  Also there is a Dragonflymax app that may help get messages quicker.  Thank you!
    Parents go to the following link:  (https://www.dragonflymax.com/academy/parents)
    Sign up for an account (it is free) as a Parent and then register your student.  You will need to select Leesville Middle for your school and then every sport that your son/daughter is interested in trying out .  This will be our sign up and registration for sports for this new 2021-22 school year including all  Athletic Participation Forms.  Follow the directions!
    You MUST create an account as a Parent and then you can create a student account afterwards.  You will have to complete ALL forms on Dragonflymax. You will need to print the PPE Physical Examination and PPE Medical Eligibility Forms and take them both to your Doctor for a physical examination.  After your Doctor has completed both forms, you will then download the forms into Dragonflymax.  Once all forms are completed, you will see a green indicator stating everything is completed.  Finally your academic and attendance records will be checked for eligibility.  Thank you!
    Hilburn Parents: When you register on Dragonflymax.com, you can select both Hilburn and Leesville Road Middle school but you must make sure Lessville Road Middle is selected or I will not get your information. Thank you!
    Here is what I have found:
     Hilburn students, or their Parents, can add Leesville Road Middle as a school by:
    1. Logging into their account on our website
    2. Clicking on "View Details" for the Student that needs to connect to your school, while on the Today Page
    3. Clicking "Connect to School or Association" in the top right hand corner of their profile page
    4. Follow the prompts to connect to your school (which is Leesville Middle)
    Any of the forms that they completed at Hilburn will carry over. They will also be listed to complete any Wake County Forms that are not set up at Hilburn. (Let's hope this works!)
    Check out our Coaches Corner Contacts for information on who is coaching our different teams.
    Sport Schedules are Posted under Printable Schedules. 
    Booster Club Information (LMAC) Leesville Middle Athletic Club
    2021-22 Athletic Participation Forms: complete your forms on dragonflymax.com
    Activity Bus Schedule for Drop Off Locations: 
    Ticket Prices 
    [Tickets to Games is $5.  Children under school age who do not attend school are free along with WCPSS ID's issued to employees of Wake County Public Schools.  You may consider purchasing an LMAC season pass.  LMAC is Leesville Middle Athletic Club boosters. The link for our booster club is http://www.lmaclions.org .]
    For New Transfer Students: Transfer student who would like to try out for a sport team, you must complete the dragonflymax.com online registration (follow the directions above about dragonflymax).  In addition, please bring a copy of your report card with attendance record and year you began grade 7.  This is all required to determine eligibility and often times it delays try outs due to these papers being transferred to our school and placed into record.  Save a copy of all forms for your own records as well.  Thank you! 
    Emergency Action Plan - EAP