• 6th Annual Dash At Dusk--LMAC 5K Family Fun Run April 24th 7pm

    Please support our LMAC Booster Club and ALL of our Athletic Teams.  In addition to the 5K run, there is a great T-shirt; racing bib; goodie bag; prizes; and a DJ with Food Truck (available for purchase) for after party fun.

    Here is the link to register:


    If you have questions, you can email Heather Stevenson at LMAC@Lmaclions.org.

     Congratulations to the Boys Soccer Team
    3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 8 / 9 / 11 / 12 / 13 / 14 / 15 / 18 / 22 / 23 / 24 / 25 / 27 / 28
    Congratulations to the Boys Track Team
    300 / 304 / 305 / 310 / 311 / 314 / 316 / 317 / 318 / 319 / 322 / 325 / 328 / 330 / 331 / 334 / 335 / 338 / 339 / 342 / 344 / 346 / 347 

    7 on 7 Football

    If your child is interested in playing 7 on 7 football this spring, please go to www.playnyfo.com/lions for more information. 

    You can also register your child at that link. Use code GOLIONS13U (ALL CAPS and no spaces). This code will subtract the $125 registration fee. Your athlete will only pay $29 (you keep the jersey) and $15 (insurance: $2M liability and $25K supplemental medical).

     $20 shorts are optional but the Board of Directors would appreciate your athlete to purchase (they are pretty sweet and your child will keep them).

    If you have any questions, please email Julie Clark at sandjclark@earthlink.net. Please put 7on7 in the subject line.

    Team Sport Picture Dates:
    Spring Teams - March 25
    2019-20 Athletic Participation Forms
    Forms can be picked up at the school starting May 1.  Please check to make sure they are 2019-20 forms.  This link is long so you may want to copy then paste and go in another window:
     *Please make sure you make a copy of your completed forms saved in case your papers do not get to the right person.*
    Needing a season pass for the whole family, go to:  http://www.lmaclions.org
    Please look below regarding ticket prices and share with your families and friends!  Thank you!
    Activity Bus Schedule for Drop Off Locations:
    Stops:   (Arrival times depend on how many take the bus and how many stops are needed.)
    · Leesville Road and Food Lion Shopping Center
    · Sycamore Creek ES
    · ACC Blvd @ Wal-Mart
    · Pleasant Valley Shopping Center
    · Oak Park Rd and St. Giles
    · Jeffrey’s Grove ES
    · Raleigh Blvd @ Food Lion Shopping Center
    · Mary Phillips HS
    Ignore times on this form.  Since this is a 5 pm leave time stops will depend on who is taking the bus.  3:10 is really 5:10.
    Ticket Prices 
    Tickets to Games is $5.  Children under school age who do not attend school are free along with WCPSS ID's issued to employees of Wake County Public Schools.  You may consider purchasing an LMAC season pass.  LMAC is Leesville Middle Athletic Club boosters. The link for our booster club is http://www.lmaclions.org .
    For New Transfer Students: Transfer student who would like to try out for a sport team, you must complete the athletic participation forms (all 5 pages) with the first two pages (out of 7) are eligibility and concussion information sheets for you to keep.  In addition, please bring a copy of your report card with attendance record and year you began grade 7.  This is all required to determine eligibility and often times it delays try outs due to these papers being transferred to our school and placed into record.  Save a copy of all forms for your own records as well.  Thank you!