• Lions rock     sidewalk     carpool loop

    Pro-Tips to find the fields and gym at Leesville Road Middle School
    • Arrive at 3:30 PM or later.  Our carpool should be done by then.  
    • Our parking lot has a one-way entrance as pictured above.  
    • Look for "Lions Rock"to the RIGHT of the front doors-follow that sidewalk/pawprints to the athletic events. 
      • Follow the sidewalk to the breezeway.  For the gym, go to the right for volleyball and basketball.
      • Follow the sidewalk to the breezeway.  Go THROUGH the breezeway and follow the paw prints to the fields for football, soccer, softball and track. 
  • Summer Football Workouts:
    Summer football workouts will begin on July 12th. We will be working out Tuesdays & Thursdays from 5 - 6:30. Shorts, a t-shirt & a water bottle are all that's required. Cleats are optional but recommended. There is a possibility of adding a third day in August.
    Please keep in mind these are voluntary workouts. Also, just because you attend workouts does not mean you automatically make the team.
    Tryouts for the football team this Fall will start on September 6th.
    2022-23 Fall Sports:  
    Football- Coach Mark Holochak mark.holochak@gmail.com 
    Cheerleading- Coach Jade Morris jamorris@wcpss.net and Coach Melissa Avery mavery2@wcpss.net 
    Girl's Soccer- Coach Kate Hieronymus khieronymus@wcpss.net 
    Volleyball- Coach TBD (Contact Coach Hieronymus with any questions)
    To Register: https://www.dragonflymax.com/academy/parents. This is the online platform for signing up to play a sport at our school this year. You must create an account and complete all required documents, including two forms to get cleared by a doctor (PPE Physical Examiniation and PPE Medical Eligibility 2022-23 Sport Physicals Forms.) After registering, please keep checking Dragonfly until you get a green indication that everything is completed. 
    Registration must be completed and all forms submitted by Wednesday, August 31st.
    Try outs for all Fall sports begin on Tuesday, September 6th!
    Hilburn Parents: When you register on Dragonflymax.com, you can select both Hilburn and Leesville Road Middle school, but you must make sure Leesville Road Middle is selected or I will not get your information. Thank you!
    Sports schedules for all sports seasons are posted under printable schedules. 
    Ticket Prices:
    Tickets to the Games are $5.  Children under school age who do not attend school are free along with WCPSS ID's issued to employees of Wake County Public Schools.  You may consider purchasing an LMAC season pass.  LMAC is Leesville Middle Athletic Club boosters. The link for our booster club is http://www.lmaclions.org
    For New Transfer Students: Transfer student who would like to try out for a sport team, you must complete the dragonflymax.com online registration (follow the directions above about dragonflymax).  In addition, please bring a copy of your report card with attendance record and year you began grade 7.  This is all required to determine eligibility and often times it delays try outs due to these papers being transferred to our school and placed into record.  Save a copy of all forms for your own records as well.  Thank you! 
    Emergency Action Plan - EAP
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