• Dress Code

    In preparing for school each day, select clothing that supports an atmosphere conducive to learning. WCPSS Board Policy 6410 addresses the dress code in detail but here are a few reminders of what NOT to wear to Cary High School:

    -Sagging Pants
    -Head Coverings (not including religious attire) 
    -Excessively short or tight garments
    -Attire that exposes cleavage
    -Midriff shirts or halters
    -Clothing with obscenities, profanity, lewd words or illustrations
    -Clothing that advertises products or services unauthorized for minors or otherwise illegal
    Students who are dressed inappropriately for school can be given the opportunity to change into school-issued clothing, if available, or have a parent bring a change of clothes. Disciplinary action can occur depending on the severity and frequence of the offense as outlined in the policy.