• High School Intervention

    In order to provide targeted research based interventions, High School Intervention Coordinators use a problem‐solving process that continually monitors and modifies (as needed) each student’s plan. Interventions are preventative and provide immediate support to students who are at risk for academic and behavioral failure using scientifically research‐based instruction. High School Intervention Coordinators use data‐based decision making, screenings, tiered model of delivery, and progress monitoring data to focus on strategies like credit recovery opportunities and intentional scheduling to improve the high school graduation rate. Essential components integrate assessment and intervention within a school‐wide, multi‐level instructional system to maximize student achievement and reduce behavior problems for all students.

    Credit Recovery

    Gradpoint is a web-based online academic recovery program for students to access core instruction that were not successful the first or second time in a face to face setting. Each high school has a Gradpoint lab facilitated by a certified teacher.