• Prospective students (currently in 8th grade) apply to our school by completing this online application and are ultimately selected through a randomized process much like a lottery.   


    Current 9th Grade students may apply using the application above.  However, seats for the 10th grade are limited and we will not be able to confirm openings.  


    Important Dates for Application:      
    • 10-13-18  Early College Application becomes available on our school website for current WCPSS students.  
    • 10-15-18  Students who are new to WCPSS may begin pre-enrolling at the school listed as their base school (this is required before a student from a home, charter, or private school can begin the online application).  This does not apply to students who are currently in a WCPSS school.  Use this link to find your base school.
    • 11-30-18  This is the last day a student can start a new application.  No new applications can be started after this date.
    • 12-7-18    This is the last day a student can complete a application that was previously started.
    • 12-7-18    This is the last day recommendations can be completed for any applications.
    • 2-19-19     Students can log into their application to get selection results. 

    Applicants should…
    • currently be in the 8th or 9th grade 
    • reside in Wake County, NC
    • possess a strong interest in one or more of the STEM fields of study
    • possess a strong work ethic
    • want to go to college
    • possess promising academic potential
    • want to attend a small school and is willing to embrace opportunities unique to our program
    • be willing to do without the traditional “large high school experience” including arts courses and large social events

    Applications help us determine if students are a good fit for a program of this rigor, but selection is ultimately made through a randomized process. Students must have completed an application to be eligible for selection.



    To start an application for the Wake STEM Early College High School, the applying student must be pre-registered with the Wake County Public School System.  Parents may begin pre-enrolling at the school listed as their base school.  This does not apply to students who are currently attending a WCPSS school.  Use this link to find your base school.  Starting October 15, 2018.  It is a good idea to contact the school prior to arriving to pre-register to ensure that you have the proper materials when you arrive and that the registrar is prepared for your visit.

     Please note our school does not provide tours or private meetings/consultations with the counselor about admission.  Prospective students and parents are welcome to attend our planned information sessions or open houses.  No exceptions.